Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


2. Discovering A Dream

They finish the speech and I get up and say thanks, grabbing the room key. I put it in my pocket and the employe says, "Phones don't work on the ship but we do have ship phones. They come with your room. It's your room number, and you can text anybody on the ship!" "Wow... That's fascinating." I whisper. I walk to the buffet in the lounge and look for a green apple. The boys who were so loud got quiet, and then laughed loudly. I roll my eyes and finally find an apple. I grab it and bite into it. I feel a tap of my shoulder and spin around, finding nobody. I shoot the boys a look and they widen their eyes. I eat my apple and turn back around, to find myself staring into a green-eyed boy. He looks about 18 or 19. I takes a bite into a apple he has and I stare at him. "Do you mind?" I snap and I smiles. "Nope. Continue." I groan and walk away. He pulls my shoulder, making me face him. "Wait..... Not so fast." He shows a cheeky smile. "I need your room number." I smile and pull a pen out of my pocket of my jean shorts. I write it on his hand. 12000. "There." I say and he smiles. "We have the Walt. Disney suite." He says. "Let's go see our rooms." The other boys get up and walk to me. "Is it normal to have a weird feeling in my stomach to see you?" A blonde haired one laughs and says, "People usually do. Happy to see us?" "More like terrified." I mutter. I walk out of the lounge and walk down the long hallway and finally find 12000. I see the Walt. Disney Suite is right next to mine. "Oh no..." I whisper. They smile and one say, "Well hey new neighbor!" I groan and unlock my door, and it leads to another. I unlock that one and walk into my room. It sleeps 5, but it's only me here. I see a fruit basket on one of the counters and I smile. I walk out on the porch and look out and gasp. It's the very front of the ship. Wonderful view. I look down and get dizzy. "So high..." I whisper. I drop my apple on the porch and groan. I walk back inside and take an advill. I get dressed in my swimsuit and put a coverup on. I walk out of the room and put the room key in my sunglasses case. I grab the ship phone and put it in their too. I walk out of the room and feel the sun on my shoulders. I see a pool chair and smile. Perfect. I take off my cover up. I lay down on my stomach and close my eyes. I need a tan.... I sit there for about 5 minutes and then I feel pressured water on my back. I shriek and look around quickly, seeing one of the boys running toward the ice cream bar. I get up quickly and grab my sunglasses, putting them on and I run toward him. I reach him and I grab his shoulder. I turns around and squirts his water gun on my stomach. I laugh and say, "What is your name!?" He laughs and replies, "Zayn." He looks past me and says, "That's Louis." I turn around and feel more water on my chest. I run toward Louis and yell, "I'M GONNA GET YOU!" And he yells back, "TRY!!" He runs toward the pool and we race around it. He runs toward the adult pool, where nobody is. I circle around the pool bar and then he yells, "GOOD LUCK!" And then I stop. What? Good luck with what? I stand at the edge of the pool and feel somebody tap my shoulder. I turn around and see another. "I'm Harry." He says and takes the glasses off my face and put them on him. He pushes me in the pool and I scream. He takes his shirt off and does a cannonball into the pool. I laugh and swim around. I hear somebodies footsteps and then somebody else jumps in. Then another. Then another. And then one more. I look at them. "I'm Louis." The one I met second says. "I'm Harry." Says the one with my glasses on. "I'm Niall." One with blonde hair says. "I'm Liam." Another says. "Okay... So," I point to the boys as I go." Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam? What about the other one?" They shrug. I finally hear somebody come and I brace myself for another splash, but it never comes. I look at see Zayn with ice cream. "Guys!! There is free Ice Cream!!" They all get out and run to get ice cream. 

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