Dreams To Remember

When Lexie goes on a Disney cruise ship called, "The Disney Dream" for her 16th birthday by herself, she starts to begin a fantastic week. She stays on the concierge floor, having a bigger room and special treatment. She makes some friends,but when they keep secrets from each other, will it tear them apart or pull them together?


14. Castaway Cay

I wake up with a jolt. I gasp for air and look around. The boys are staring at me. "I-It was all a dream..." I whisper and Harry strokes my hair. "It's okay.... Shhh.." I nod and breathe heavily. "Lexie?" Zayns says smoothly. "Today is Castaway Cay. We got to get ready." He smiles and I return the smile. "Wait." I hesitate to ask. "Where is Taylor?" Harry looks puzzled and says, "Who is that?" "The um... The girl! The girl in here! She told me my dare... And all you guys were there! And... An-And Umm... A-" "Lexie. It was all part of your nightmare. It's okay." I nod and get up from his lap. I grab a black and purple striped bathingsuit and go into the bathroom. I put the bathingsuit on slowly and smile. I look in the mirror. "Today is going to be great." I say to myself quietly. I grab my pajamas and walk out into the living room. The boys are all changed. "Wait.. Did you guys always have that on?" I ask and Louis shakes his head. "Ewww!!" I whine and I put my clothes in my suitcase. I grab a purple cover up and my sunglasses. "Ready!" I say, excitedly. "Let's go!!" Harry says and we all walk off to the place we get off the boat. 


We get past security and we walk outside. I smile and they do too. It's beautiful. 

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