Promising you

Stella and Sasha are twin sisters they share everything except one thing Stella has cancer and she only has a few months to live.Stella won't miss anything but she will miss her little sister a lot. But first Stella has to tell Sasha the truth.


1. Loving you

Stella point of view:

I lay on the hospital all wired up fluid pumping into my veins my sister Sasha walking in her mascara running because she was crying.

"Sasha" I exclaim in a raspy voice.

"Stella, don't worry your going to be ok" Sasha whispers in a soothing voice.

"No, I'm not Sasha its time for me to tell the truth" I announce.

"What truth" Sasha shouts.

"I have cancer" I reply.

"No not you, not my sister you can't have it" Sasha shouts.

"I do I didn't want it, I just had it like mum I'm going to die" I whisper.

"Don't say that, you won't die no" Sasha shrieks.

"It's the truth the quicker I realise it the less pain" I mumble sadly.

"Don't give up hope you will be cured the doctors will find you a cure" Sasha shouts shaking me.

"I love you" I mumble weakly.

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