I'll Always Love You

Lucas and Lisa have been best friends since they were 3. They told each other just abouteverything and Lisa went to Lucas about advice with boys. The only thing they hadn't told each other, was that they both loved each other. They didn't want to ruin their friendship if it turned out that the other one didn't like them like that. But one day when they get really drunk, they end up telling each other the truth then end up in bed together. When they both wake up, they are both fully dressed so they just think nothing happened, but when Lisa's period is 5 days late, just 2 weeks after they woke up together, she decides to take a pregnancy test, just to be safe. It was positive and it said she was 2 weeks pregnant. Shocked she calls Lucas, and Lucas doesn't know what to do. He hangs up on her and ignores her at college.


3. Well that was weird...

When Lucas was finally able to move his limbs and walk out of the library, the bell chimed for end of lunch. He walked to his next lesson, maths, where he sat behind Lisa. He took his seat and leaned across the desk to speak to Lisa, who must of had the same idea cos as Lucas moved forward, Lisa turned round and elbowed him in the face. Ouch! Lucas was taken aback, and just sat back in his seat holding his face when he had just been elbowed. All Lisa could do was sit there with her hand over her mouth in shock! Mr. Smith, coughed, in signal for the whole class to calm down, take their seats and get ready for the lesson to begin.

He started talking about what their lesson was going to be, while everyone was getting out their notebooks and exercise books and pens. Today's lesson was about algebra. Easy as eating pie when I am hungry, thought Lucas, still holding the side of his face that he had been hit in while he was getting out his stuff. When Mr. Smith had set everyone off with the exercise on page 69, he motioned for Lucas to come out into the corridor with him. Lucas did as Mr. Smith said. He stood up, and walked down the aisle of seats, straight past Lisa. Lisa looked up at Lucas when he walked past. What have I done? Is it because I'm holding my face? Did my last piece of homework not satisfy Mr. Smith? But when Lucas stepped outside the classroom, closing the door behind him, Mr. Smith had a satisfied smile on his face... Unusual for Mr. Smith to even smile, never mind smile a satisfied smile.

"Lucas, do you know you are a maths genius?" Is what Mr. Smith said, as soon as Lucas had closed the classroom door. "Well, Sir, the thought never really occurred to me. I know I am very good at maths, I got A*'s in my GCSE's last year. But I wouldn't necessarily call me a maths genius." The satisfied smile on Mr. Smith's face vanished, and was replaced by a very confused look. "My dear boy, you are better then me at maths, and I am a maths teacher... I got B's in my GCSE's and in my A levels for maths. And I only just passed the test for my maths degree... Do you think you could tutor some of your fellow classmates with their maths work? I think some of them need all the help they can." Lucas was totally taken aback by the question, but he couldn't turn it down. "Of course I could." Mr. Smith's satisfied smile came back. And he opened the classroom for Lucas and motioned for him to step inside and take his seat again. 

When Mr. Smith was back at the front of the classroom, his smile had vanished, because he was back in class. Lisa turned to speak to Lucas when he sat back down. But Lucas just ignored her and opened his exercise book and notebook, and started doing the task Mr. Smith had set the class. Lisa opened her mouth to say something, but soon got the point that Lucas was working and let it go, turned back to her work and struggled with it the whole lesson. If only Lucas would tutor me, she thought. But she could never ask Lucas to tutor her. She would feel really stupid, and she might end up doing some very stupid things. Like kiss him again. She couldn't believe she had kissed him. All he had said was that he would go to Louise's party with her. No big deal. They were best friends after all.

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