I'll Always Love You

Lucas and Lisa have been best friends since they were 3. They told each other just abouteverything and Lisa went to Lucas about advice with boys. The only thing they hadn't told each other, was that they both loved each other. They didn't want to ruin their friendship if it turned out that the other one didn't like them like that. But one day when they get really drunk, they end up telling each other the truth then end up in bed together. When they both wake up, they are both fully dressed so they just think nothing happened, but when Lisa's period is 5 days late, just 2 weeks after they woke up together, she decides to take a pregnancy test, just to be safe. It was positive and it said she was 2 weeks pregnant. Shocked she calls Lucas, and Lucas doesn't know what to do. He hangs up on her and ignores her at college.


4. Tutoring list

It was the day of the party, and Lucas was psyched to be going with Lisa. She was everything; gorgeous, funny, smart. Nobody could ask for a better best friend. But he could ask for her to become his girlfriend, not just best friend. After all, she was the one to kiss him yesterday. He didn't do anything, but say that he would go to the party with her. Maybe, all the years that Lucas had liked Lisa, she had liked him back. And she was hiding her emotions just as much as he was. He could only wish. He waited in the car park for Lisa. It was getting closer and closer to 9 a.m. And lessons started at 9 a.m. She was going to end up making them both late. Not that, that was a problem for Lucas. His first lesson was English, and he could infact go a full year without ever seeing Mrs. Will again. But he couldn't be late! It would go on his report and he would get shouted at by his parents. And he hated when that happened, because they would ask such questions as, how could you be late, you leave hear at the same time every day, and you're never late, have you been with a girl before school? Doing the unthinkable? 

He couldn't let Lisa make him late. He started walking towards the building when Lisa pulled into her space and quickly got out of the car. She ran over to Lucas and he held out his arms to give her a hug. She fell into his embrace. "Hey. You're late." Lucas said, tapping his watch, still hugging Lisa. She just hugged him tighter. Lucas could sense something was wrong. He pushed her forward, and held her upper arms, and looked at her. She looked normal. She was all smiley. He pulled her back into his embrace and started to walk to the building again. Lisa opened her mouth, to say something but suddenly shut up when she saw Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith walked over to Lisa and Lucas, looking directly at Lucas with a piece of paper in his hand. He stopped in front of Lucas, and handed him the piece of paper, saying only, "These are people who need tutoring." And then he walked off.

Lisa looked up at Lucas, confused about what had just happened. What had just happened? Lucas over looked the piece of paper, shrugged, folded it in half then slipped it into his bag and kept walking. "You're tutoring people for Mr. Smith now?" Lisa asked her best friend, Why hadn't he told her? Was all she could think. Lucas nodded. Lisa put out her hand, asking for the piece of paper with the names of people he had to tutor. He handed it over to her. She read the names in her head; Paul Corn, Liam Train, Connor Lawson, Helen Beta, Lisa Belle... Hang on! Lucas is going to be tutoring me. And Mr. Smith didn't even think to even ask me if I was all right about getting tutored, never mind, it being her best friend doing it! Lisa handed Lucas the piece of paper back, and started walking to her first lesson, English, with Lucas.

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