I'll Always Love You

Lucas and Lisa have been best friends since they were 3. They told each other just abouteverything and Lisa went to Lucas about advice with boys. The only thing they hadn't told each other, was that they both loved each other. They didn't want to ruin their friendship if it turned out that the other one didn't like them like that. But one day when they get really drunk, they end up telling each other the truth then end up in bed together. When they both wake up, they are both fully dressed so they just think nothing happened, but when Lisa's period is 5 days late, just 2 weeks after they woke up together, she decides to take a pregnancy test, just to be safe. It was positive and it said she was 2 weeks pregnant. Shocked she calls Lucas, and Lucas doesn't know what to do. He hangs up on her and ignores her at college.


5. Lunch with the lover

At lunch, Lucas and Lisa sat in the cafe together. They didn't sit at a table though, and they didn't eat anything, even though it was lunch time, which normally was the time when normal people eat. But instead they just sat in the bean bags in the corner of the cafe, Lisa's head on Lucas's chest and Lucas's arm around Lisa, holding her close to him. They were talking about the party tonight. Lucas was wearing some jeans and a nice tee shirt and a checkered shirt over the top, and Lisa was wearing skinny black jeans, and a nice tee shirt and a checkered shirt over the top, and she was going to wear her bright pink Doc Martens. And Lucas was going to wear his blue ones. Lucas was going to pick Lisa up at 7 that night for the party. Lisa smiled all the way through lunch, just because she was in his embrace the whole time. People kept going past and gawking at them and saying 'aw,' but Lucas and Lisa didn't mind one bit, they still sat there. Together.

Lunch felt like it just flew by to Lucas and Lisa, and they were both upset when they had to go to next lesson, business studies, where they sat at opposite ends of the classroom because Mrs. Summer had got so sick of telling them to stop talking all the time. They walked to business studies together, holding hands. They were like a couple but nobody even mentioned dating. Why would they mention dating when just them being together like this was good enough? They got to the door of the classroom their business studies lesson was in, and on the interactive white board was a new seating plan for the class. A seating plan where Lisa and Lucas sat together on a table. Lisa's smile broadened as she took her seat where she had been put, and Lucas followed her. For the full lesson, Lucas had his arm around Lisa's shoulder, pulling her closer to him, having her head on his chest. She lay her hand on his knee. They sat through a full lesson without interrupting Mrs. Summer, they didn't want to be moved. They wanted to sit together for the rest of the lessons they had. 

Mrs. Summer kept glancing over at Lucas and Lisa to make sure they weren't kissing in her lesson. She didn't like it when couples were all in love and that. She really hated it when they kissed in public. They didn't kiss of course, because they weren't dating, they were just best friend's that were close. Like friends with benefits, only instead of being just friends, they were best friends. Business studies was their last lesson of the day, so when the lesson was over, they walked slowly to Lisa's car, holding hands the whole time. "You still up for 7?" Asked Lucas. Lisa nodded her head, surprised that Lucas had just asked that. "Yeah, still up for 7." Lucas smiled, and opened her car door for her. She sat in the drivers seat, closed the door, turned the engine on and opened the window. Lucas said goodbye, and walked to his car, which was parked right next to Lisa's. Lisa waved and smiled, as Lucas got into his car. She reversed out of her parking space then drove out of the car park, and down the road to her house.

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