My Holiday Boy

There is someone for everyone they say. But what happens when you find that person and they are in a different country? What do you do then? How do you cope when you have to leave everything you want for everything you have?


2. Its a house, not my home.

It was in the car that I first noticed that my mother was actually with me. I'd just felt so alone that I had blocked her out. Her and my my sister are babbling away quicker then I can really understand and I pretend to sleep so I don't have to get involved. They're talking about how great it was and how they are going to miss everyone. They don't realise just how much I'm going to miss one particular person but I cant tell them that can I? I try to hold back the tears and I do really start to drift off to sleep...

We're messing around in the pool, my friend sat on my shoulders shrieking like a banshee. I can see him looking at me with an amused expression. I smile back shyly but her turns away. Wounded, I lower my head but then when I look up I realise he has his sister on his shoulders and he's walked over to me. In a deep Italian accent he says something about shoulder wars and splashes me gently in this face. I give a gasp and splash him back. Soon we're having some sort of splashing fight and I cant stop laughing. Suddenly, he pulls me aside and whispers in my ear,

"What is your name?" I grin, unable to contain my the excitement of the fact that his hand is on my arm.

"Amy" His eyes widen and he smiles,

"That is beautiful name! My name is Emanuele." His English is surprisingly good if a little sketchy. 

"Hello Emanuele, your English is good!" He opens his mouth to reply when all of a sudden I hear a voice shouts his name from the other side of the boy. I look over to see a tomboyish looking girl with long brown hair to her waist. His smile widened and he swan over to her then pulling her into a deep kiss. He brought her over to me with his arm around her waist. I strain to keep my smile on.

"Amy, this is Elena. My girlfriend." I gritted my teeth at her as Emanuele muttered something to her in Italian. She nodded, faced me again and spoke in much more fluent English.

"Hi Amy. It is very nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends" I nodded but as they swam away to join the game again I couldn't help but feel she had managed to make me feel so low and she had said hardly anything. I shook myself. He had a girlfriend! I would not consider those feelings again. I was determined.

The car jolts to a stop and I feel my mum shake me gently,

"Amy? Amy! We're home!" I get out of the car, grab my suitcase and drag my feet into our hallway. It smells old and musty. Well that's understandable because it hasn't been lived in for 6 weeks. 

"Isn't it great to be home?!" My sister beamed. I looked her straight in the eye,

"House." She looked confused,


"Its a house, not my home." Then I walked up to my room without another word.

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