My Holiday Boy

There is someone for everyone they say. But what happens when you find that person and they are in a different country? What do you do then? How do you cope when you have to leave everything you want for everything you have?


1. Being Home

I feel the shudder and the crackling voice of the captain as I feel the wheels make contact with the ground. I hardly notice his announcement that we've landed. I look out of the plastic, cheaply made window to the grey skies of London Stanstead and I feel my heart lurch. Had it only been 3 hours since I had looked out of this window and had the beaming hot sun of Italy streaking over the beautifully picturesque mountains and quaint little villages? This place seemed like a whole different world. The ground was soaked from recent showers and the people who walked around seemed dull and lifeless from what I had been living for the past 6 weeks. I felt my chest tighten and I desperately pulled back the tears. I stood and started to shuffle my way out of the bustling crowd. I grabbed my suitcase and dragged it down the stairs. When a plastic, barbie like air hostess gives me a shining grin and says in a monotone but yet cheery voice,

"Hope you have a safe drive home!"

I can only manage a watery smile before continuing past her. The airport smells like cheap disinfectant and the dull brown and blue carpets seem to bring down the whole room into a boring dump. The walk seems to take hours but when I do finally arrive at passport control I feel my heart sink as I see the long queues. I join one and as I wait I feel my mind drift..

The water is cool around my face as I duck under the crystal clear water of the swimming pool. When I do lift my head up I feel the weight of my hair and I laugh with the sheer pleasure of it. I grab onto the edge, cross my arms on the side of the pool and rest my chin on my arms. I just let it all soak in. This is the Holiday resort Borgo San Basillio. Its literally a short walk from the beach but the place itself is paradise. Split into 10 blocks each apartment is airy and spacious and painted in the summery colours of red, oranges, yellows and greens. Each block has a swimming pool and there are two theaters and a piazza with restaurants that serve the most delicious food. The people are friendly and welcoming, how could you not love it? Suddenly I hear children's laughter from the other side of the pool and when I turn I see a small child, maybe 9 or 10 being held over the pool by what looks to be her older brother. They're laughing and he pulls her back and embraces her I feel my heart beat faster. I consider going over and talking to him but then a girl walks over, maybe my age. She laughs at both of them and the boy turns and kisses her lovingly. Heart broken, I duck under the pool again and hope maybe when I come up it will of been a nightmare...

I'm pulled back to reality by the sharp call of a member of staff and I walk up, my head still partly in the clouds. I hand over my passport he checks it for what seems a ridiculously long time then hands it back. I give my thanks and walk towards the corridor that will take me to arrivals. As I do I see signs stating "No going back from here!" I know its talking about collecting luggage but I want to cry just at the sight of it. I walk through the doors and see hopefuls seem dissapointed because I'm not their loved ones. I suddenly hear a shriek and I turn to see my older sister hurtling towards me. She embraces me, though I would call it suffocating, pulls back, takes my bag and begins to walk towards the car park, nattering the whole time.

"It's so great to see you back! Did you have a nice time? How was the weather? Better then here I bet! Never stopped raining I tell you. Though I bet after all that your glad to be home in good old England..." 

As I follow her I feel my heart break into smaller and smaller pieces...

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