Paragraph Requests

Give me a sentence (leave it on my blog message), and I'll make a paragraph using it - using it either at the start, in the middle, or even the end!
Anyone can give me a sentence request for this, and I'll try and turn it into a paragraph as soon as I can!


Sentence: The trees swished in the breeze.

Paragraph: I lifted my hand up to brush my hair out of my face. The forest was now quiet, except for the sound of the trees that swished in the breeze. I'd left home only half an hour ago, and although I'd never wanted to go back, I was now doubting myself.

Get it? Good! Well drop me a sentence and I'll get writing!


8. #8

When there is pizza, there is milkshake too. (Requested by Lia-loves-cookies)


I walked into the room. Several people stood around, holding cups of sprite, or fanta, or coke. Food was layed out on a table with a spotty table cloth, and right in the middle of all the fuss, Amelia stood. My best friend. It was her 12th birthday, and she managed to persuade her parents to let her have a big birthday party. And this was it. Apart from there weren't many guests. "Where is everyone?" I heard her say, walking around, and as soon as she spotted me, she ran over, hugging me tight. "Great to see you!" she squealed, handing me a slice of pizza. I took it, smiling. Then she said over her shoulder, "Mum, there's no milkshakes!" I sigedh. Her mum shouted back, "When there is pizza, there is milkshake too!" Amelia smiled and walked off to talk to a new visitor. Wow, how does she get everything that she wants?


*I know the request was random, but I kind of turned it into a non-random thing. Hope this is ok - first thing I could think of! :3*

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