Paragraph Requests

Give me a sentence (leave it on my blog message), and I'll make a paragraph using it - using it either at the start, in the middle, or even the end! Anyone can give me a sentence request for this, and I'll try and turn it into a paragraph as soon as I can! Example: Sentence: The trees swished in the breeze. Paragraph: I lifted my hand up to brush my hair out of my face. The forest was now quiet, except for the sound of the trees that swished in the breeze. I'd left home only half an hour ago, and although I'd never wanted to go back, I was now doubting myself. Get it? Good! Well drop me a sentence and I'll get writing!


5. #5

oh, you hurt me. Look it's all red and sore. I demand you rub it better! (Request by WriterMan)


Timmy is my younger brother: annoying, spoilt, mummy's boy, and totally evil (even though he's only 5). No joke. He's always stealing my stuff, wrecking my room, shouting at almost everyone, yet mum still 'loves him the best' - though she doesn't admit it. This morning, he came into my room at 5:00 claiming he 'didn't know I was still in bed.' Well, what else would I be doing at 5 in the morning, eh? Watching 'In the night garden' on the sofa in the lounge, just like he does? I don't think so! Anyway, he comes in and pulls the curtains back, blinding me by the light. I get annoyed and slap him. It was only a little teeny tiny one, not even hard! Then he goes and says 'oh, you hurt me, Look it's all red and sore. I demand you rub it better!' in that little, innocent childish voice. When I reply with 'NO!' he runs out crying to mum. MWAHAHAH. I CAN BE EVIL TOO Y'KNOW, LITTEL BRO! ;)


*Ok, this got a bit random! Espeically with the rhyming at the end. But hey, I'm sure that makes it even more...erm....funny? Not that it was even funny before. Coz I'm so NOT hilarious xD*

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