Paragraph Requests

Give me a sentence (leave it on my blog message), and I'll make a paragraph using it - using it either at the start, in the middle, or even the end!
Anyone can give me a sentence request for this, and I'll try and turn it into a paragraph as soon as I can!


Sentence: The trees swished in the breeze.

Paragraph: I lifted my hand up to brush my hair out of my face. The forest was now quiet, except for the sound of the trees that swished in the breeze. I'd left home only half an hour ago, and although I'd never wanted to go back, I was now doubting myself.

Get it? Good! Well drop me a sentence and I'll get writing!


15. #15

Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark. (Requested by Lia-loves-cookies)

I'd been walking in here for ages now, wondering where everyone was: Mum, Dad, Ashley, Timmy. We'd just been looking inside this cave to see how it was like, and yet somehow I managed to get lost inside. All I did was reach down to touch the beautiful golden stone that was laying on the stone floor of the cave, and then as soon as I looked up, they were gone. Just like that. I could've just sat down, and waited for them to come back, but sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark, and that's what made me carry on...


*This was an amazing request, because you can make anything out of it! Lia-loves-cookies....I have to say.....I love your requests! Espeically the last one. Because I made that emotional paragraph out of it, and although it was sad, I really enjoyed writing it :D*

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