Paragraph Requests

Give me a sentence (leave it on my blog message), and I'll make a paragraph using it - using it either at the start, in the middle, or even the end!
Anyone can give me a sentence request for this, and I'll try and turn it into a paragraph as soon as I can!


Sentence: The trees swished in the breeze.

Paragraph: I lifted my hand up to brush my hair out of my face. The forest was now quiet, except for the sound of the trees that swished in the breeze. I'd left home only half an hour ago, and although I'd never wanted to go back, I was now doubting myself.

Get it? Good! Well drop me a sentence and I'll get writing!


1. #1

She lowered her gaze and noticed the blood and intestines spilling onto the floor, so much that even the moles' baths would have been overflowing. (Request from WriterMan)


The minute Liz had walked into the house, she knew it wasn't going to get any better. The cobwebs, and several mirrors which filled almost every room were already getting to her. This was now the end of it. She was waiting in be killed. It didn't help that she was watching the others being killed first. She lowered her gaze and notcied blood and intestines spilling onto the floor, so much that even the moles' baths would have been overflowing. Why did the evil spirits have to kill people so.....'gorily'? 


*Sorry but it isn't a very good first paragraph. I don't really write about gory stuff, which made it a much harder task. Let me know how you think I did in the comments please :)*



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