New gleek

Hi I'm Charlie, I'm a girl not a boy and some people call me char. I'm going to attend McKinley high tommorow and my dad is the teacher... Anyway I heard that my dad has NEVER heard me sing so this will be interesting, I'm also playing my guitar. Bye guys mabey I'll see you in glee club?


2. My very first glee lesson

"today we are going to be learning about taylor swift" my dad says, I look around and some people look like someone said we will be doing history. Taylor swift is one of my favourite singers of all time I mean she inspires me. "pick a partner" dad says, I look around and everyone but puck has a partner, I walk up to him and say "hi partner, your lucky I LOVE Taylor swift" I say and smile, he studdyies me then smiles "what song then Taylor swift clone?" he says and I think of every song she has wrote then I pick "long live" I say and grab my guitar and start to play "copy me, it's a good song trust me" I say and we both smile, we sing the song together and everyone stares at us. Everyone including my dad claps "It needs a bit of work but it was good" everyone but Rachel, she was the one that made the comment. I glare at her and then look at puck, "I think it was perfect Rachel" says finn, I smile at him and the smiles back, at least someone sticks up for the new girl I say in my head. Puck asks "Charlie would you go on a date with me?" I blush and look down "sure" I reply and thankfully the bell go's. I run out and someone grabs my arm, it's a cute blonde looking boy "hi I'm Sam, I saw you play and it was amazing, you want to talk some time?" he says "sure how about we grab a drink after school from the coffee shop?" I suggest, he nods and says "see you then" then he walks away, I'm the worst person ever I just said I would go on a date with 2 boys. When will I learn? This has happened before and it turned out bad... Well let's hope I can end up liking one guy and not both.
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