New gleek

Hi I'm Charlie, I'm a girl not a boy and some people call me char. I'm going to attend McKinley high tommorow and my dad is the teacher... Anyway I heard that my dad has NEVER heard me sing so this will be interesting, I'm also playing my guitar. Bye guys mabey I'll see you in glee club?


1. Glee tryouts

I wake up from my dream, it was about me singing on a stage with thousands of fans screaming my name. I wish that happened... But today was my chance to show my dad the I was a good enough singer that I could be in the glee club at my new school. I get dressed in a pink shirt that says I'm not short I'm fun size, black leggings, my black flats and my black nerd glasses. They were the only ones that I felt represented me, I run down stairs and see my dad has made me my coco pops " Thanks dad! " I yell, he probably can't hear me but I don't care. I jump in my dads car and in 5 seconds he jumps in next to me, " ready for today honey? " he says " as ready as I'll ever be! " I reply and we both smile. Once we get to school it's really early so I go to the office and grab my schedule and my map that I really don't need. I see that I have Spanish first then a brake after that sport then I'll have drama then another brake then music. Wow I'm going to have an exiting first day! I look at every other day, it's all the same. The bell goes a bit after I was talking to my dad, I take my seat and everyone eles walks in. I see a really tall guy with a girl that wears her socks up way too high, a hot looking guy with a Mohawk and a blonde haired girl that looks so nice. After the easy Spanish lesson the blonde girl comes up to me " hi I'm Quinn, I hear your dad is mr shuster " she says " yep he is, by any chance would you happen to know where the glee tryouts are held? My dad didn't tell me so I'm lost" I say and she smiles " I do and I'm in glee, I'll take you their" she says. We go to the music room and I see Mohawk dude, long sock girl and tall guy all there " sorry we're late, someone had to grab her guitar " smiles Quinn and my dad smiles at me " well Quinn please sit. Charlie come over here and tell us what your going to sing " dad says, I walk over to the seat next to where dad was standing. I sit " I'm going to sing we are never ever getting back together by Taylor swift " I play my guitar and sing and everyone looks at me, when I'm done everyone claps and cheers and my dad smiles at me " you are in glee club! " he says and Quinn comes and hugs me, after that everyone tells me their names. I find out that Mohawk dudes name is Noah but everyone calls him puck, I become friends with Santana and Brittany, I become friends with everyone so I'm good for now at least.
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