It's your life.

Who would you listen to?


1. Live :D

You can't live life according to others

You have to live life

as if noone ever hurt you

The storm never ends so:

Dance through the storm like noone is watching

Scream your heart out like noone can hear you

cause what you have to say matters

Breath every second as if it's your last

cause you never know when life will...end

and where it will take you


Regrets will come about

and regrets in life are pointless

if you regret, you made the 'wrong' decisions

But those 'wrong' decisions, may

have led you to who you are today.

And who you are is Just Perfect.


Being your Just Perfect self may

lead you to something that we dream about

and that my friend is Love, Life may have been tough along the way

but getting there will make it all go away. Once your there

the past won't mean a thing. You'll be so happy with what life

had to bring.

Micky =].

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