Sadness on a Day Without Sadness

As requested by xxJenJenxx


1. Sadness on a Day Without Sadness

Sadness on a Day Without Sadness


How can there be,

Any sadness on this day,

When all the sadness

Has gone away?


Confusing as it seems

There are two types of sadness

And I know now you're thinking

'That's just complete madness'


There is the upset of the heart

An emotion from within

Which can be stirred and awoken

Lets say through the death of a kin.


The other type of weeping

Is one which requires skill,

The sadness of foreshadowing

before your kin's kill.


So one you will have

when the deed is done

And the murderer has plundered,

your only son.


The other one is when, 

you know whats coming is hell,

And before the action happens

tears begin to swell.


So depending on

the sorrow that's banned,

allows the other to come forth, 

and take a stand.




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