Dark Realm: Missing Faith (book 1)

Book 1 in the Dark Realm series.

Schools out! Mystic and Haze are the best of friends, even though they happen to be GOTH. At least 50 percent of Crown Illian High School is either Goth or Emo, even the new girl Flash!
Mystic is psychic. She knows that an evil will rise and a team of warriors will come and defeat the evil. But when Faith, Hope's sister, goes missing, Mystic completely forgets about the evil force! Can Mystic, Haze, Hope and Flash find Faith and battle the evil, or will Earth be covered in darkness forever..?


3. 3


Haze was leaning against the violet wall of City Mall, it towered over the city, and all you could see were a few beams of sun, otherwise it was all shadows. Mystic ran to her, panting. 'First of all, we need to change.' Haze announced, scanning Mystic's tye dye purple and silver tee, well, what you could see of it under her lavender Londsdale hoodie, tattered denim skinny jeans and silver Adidas trainers. She walked in, pushing the door. 'Haze, don't tell me you made me come here just to get new threads? Bah, I'm outta here. Pea-' Mystic's hand was firmly grasped by Haze's, followed by a shake. 'WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. THAT. FOR. HAZE?' Whined Mystic in pain.    Haze hissed, indicating Mystic to be quiet. They walked around until they saw Fasion Frenzy. Haze took a deep sigh. 'Here we are...Fasion Frenzy. I hope we succeed  in our mission.' They walked in. Light music filled their ears as they saw what looked like millions of different outfits. One of the store clerks looked and smiled their way. 'Afternoon, girls! Welcome to Fasion Frenzy, Rahlghera City's best selling outfit store! My name is Kristy. May I help you with anything?' She asked kindly. Mystic and Haze nodded in unison. 'We're looking for some Gothic dresses. Do you have anything that might help us?' Haze asked. Kristy held her finger up for a second and checked the clipboard that was on her desk, allowing her wavy auburn hair to drop down in front of her pale face. 'Congratulations girls, you're in luck! Follow Kylie over there, she'll lead the way!' Kylie waved, and the two girls followed her.   ◘   'This dress is DEADLY! I LURVE it!' Haze squealed, adoring a long black dress with a dark blue vertical line down it, matching her hair. She picked it up and waved to Kylie. 'Woah there! That dress will look AWESOME on you!' Kylie said in a British accent, as she was British. Mystic was having a hard time picking out something matching her style. 'Let me help you there. You look like you're in a spot of trouble. Follow me. I know a dress that will look FAB on you! It's just down here.' She offered to Mystic. She followed Kylie only to see what looked like a wedding dress with black and purple wavy streaks down it. 'I wanna pay for it. How much?' Mystic enquired. 'The dress? That... is six hundered-' 'SIX HUNDERED? Then I'm willing to pay.'  
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