Dark Realm: Missing Faith (book 1)

Book 1 in the Dark Realm series.

Schools out! Mystic and Haze are the best of friends, even though they happen to be GOTH. At least 50 percent of Crown Illian High School is either Goth or Emo, even the new girl Flash!
Mystic is psychic. She knows that an evil will rise and a team of warriors will come and defeat the evil. But when Faith, Hope's sister, goes missing, Mystic completely forgets about the evil force! Can Mystic, Haze, Hope and Flash find Faith and battle the evil, or will Earth be covered in darkness forever..?


2. 2

'You never told me you were ph-' Haze got cut off as Mystic covered Haze's dark blue mouth shaded with lipstick, MIDNIGHT BLUE in the GOTHSTIX lipstick collection, with her black and purple polished nails. Just in time for Ellie Richards, Head Cheerleader, and Queen Snitch, not to hear what Haze blurted aloud. Ellie stared at them.

"You look DRAB in that outfit Mystic! And Haze, you too. What are you saying? Tell me! I won't snitch!"

Ellie lied innocentley. She jumped back before Haze could scratch her.

"Ellie, like we believe you! Ha! Don't mess with the Goths, or the Goths will mess with you..." Mystic said, shuffling foreward.

"Move it, or lose it, NeatFreak." Haze snapped her fingers in a Z formation and pointed west, indicating her to get out of the way. Ellie gave a  look so dirty that it belonged in the bin, and stomped off with attitude. Hope, Faith McDallie's younger sister peeked around the gap in the brick houses. For a while, the three girls stood there staring at each other. Hope broke the quiet.


"Hey. Uh... Have you seen Faith 'round here?" she flipped her wavy brown hair and black layered fringe. Haze and Mystic shook their heads.  Where was Faith anyway?

"Okey-dokey. Bummer, where is she? FAITH!" Hope shouted, running down the street.

"Haze... We need to help find Faith." Mystic said importantly. Haze nodded enthusiastically. She reached into a wooden crate and pulled out a black and blue ribbon. She tied it into  her hair and got two matching slides, clipping her fringe back .  Mystic reached in and took out a dusty ribbon. She shook it to get all of the dust off down the alley away from Haze. She tied up her hair in a bun and her fringe went with it as it was so long.


Haze scrawled a note on a sheet of paper and handed it to Mystic.  

Meet @ City Mall in Fashion Frenzy, 6 sharp



Mystic looked up and Haze was already gone. She looked at her watch, 5 to 6. I can make it. She thought, and ran down the alley, jumped over the wall, dodged the crates and jumped into her bedroom window on the 5th floor.  

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