Dark Realm: Missing Faith (book 1)

Book 1 in the Dark Realm series.

Schools out! Mystic and Haze are the best of friends, even though they happen to be GOTH. At least 50 percent of Crown Illian High School is either Goth or Emo, even the new girl Flash!
Mystic is psychic. She knows that an evil will rise and a team of warriors will come and defeat the evil. But when Faith, Hope's sister, goes missing, Mystic completely forgets about the evil force! Can Mystic, Haze, Hope and Flash find Faith and battle the evil, or will Earth be covered in darkness forever..?


1. 1

Diiiiiiing! Rang the bell for the end of the day. Mystic Harlwanne jumped out of her seat, her black and purple (but most see it the other way around) bun held up with a clip swished lightly. To stop worrying about the messiness of the bun, she unclipped it and everything seemed normal again. Everyone ran out of their classes screaming like wild maniacs.

"SCHOOL'S OUT! PEACE!" shouted a cheerleader, running out of the hall and pushed the glass door. Close call! That could've broke then. Oh, who am I kidding? School's out! Mystic thought, running out, her hair swishing, pages falling out of her private nootebook.


 Flash Vielia, one of the new girls who liked the Jocks, picked up one of the sheets and read it.  

28th September  

The world will plunge into complete darkness. Rare warriors who barely know each other will collide and save the world. Only the true and unspirited will meet up.   'Goths...' Flash murmured out aloud. She read on. She was shocked by one of the last sentences.   You will be shocked by this. You will. YOU, Flash, are one of the Warriors. 


Flash immediately ripped the sheet in half and ran out of the school, rushing past one of the school's most angriest goths, Haze Carndal. Haze looked like a normal Goth, but that is wrong.

"FLASH! OI YOU! C'MON OVER 'ERE NOW!" Haze shouted seriously. Faith did not return. All you could see was the rest of her forest green highlights swishing around the corner of the school building. Haze  tutted. It just got serious around here. For Flash, serious for her. "I know where you live...I know where you live." she smirked.

"MYSTIC! MYSTY!" she yelled, running after Mystic.


Mystic turned around to see Haze and her dark blue highlights running after her. Uh-oh... What does SHE want with me NOW? Ugh. "MYSTIC! Oh...I-"

"Oh, you saw the page. No!" Mystic groaned and sighed heavily. "Where was it, then? Wan' an answer."

"It...Faith...read...Warrior..." whispered Haze, gasping for breath. Out of her pocket, Mystic took an Athsma inhaler for Haze. Haze has Athsma, Mystic knew as she was Haze's friend.

"Thank you! Faith read the note looking shocked and fled. I called after her and didn't answer-"

"Woah there sharp-tongued missy! Slow down..."

"She's scared 'cause she's a Warrior. How d'ya know?" Haze asked curiously.

"I'll tell you down the alley." The mysterious girl replied.

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