Just A Friend *Zayn Malik Love Story*

Arianna or Aria Vega and Zayn Malik have been best friends since they where born.They know every thing about each other well they did until Aria got a boyfriend and changed a lot.Now Zayn doesn't know who she is any more,that will change when he finds out her secret and she comes to him for help.What if Aria falls for him but she's just a friend and thats all she'll ever be.This story does contain abuse such as Physical and Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse.Please do note I do not promote any type of abuse.


7. Wish I Didn't Know

Today Zayn was cleaning the flat,and getting all dressed up not to mention asking how his hair looked every five seconds. "Zayn your hair looks good like always."I said laughing. He breathed out when there was a knock at the door.My eyes wondered over to the door to see a girl with light brown hair standing at the door with a smile on her face. "Bye Aria,don't wait up."Zayn called out before leaving. When he left I kept wondering who the girl was but just decided she was a friend. Calling up Harry I asked him if he wanted to go to Starbucks with me and he agreed. Walking along the streets of London to Starbucks Harry told me a pointless story like he told every one. "That's how I got Taylor Swifts number."he finished. "Cool,you know I really like her.She's so amazing."I smiled. We hung out at Starbucks for a while until it was 6 then went back to Zayn's flat. On the way back to the flat we passed a small cafe,I seen Zayn with the same girl in it smiling and laughing.Then he kissed her lips, that broke my heart. When I got back to the flat I told Harry good bye and changed into some comfotable clothes. I mostly watched TV on the couch for the while until I fell asleep. A few hours later I woke up to giggling and talking. "Zayn,your friends here."some girl said giggling. "She's a very heavy sleeper trust me.She has been that way since we where kids."Zayn said. Opening my eyes I sat up to see Zayn with that girl again. "Did we wake you?"Zayn asked. I shook my head and grabbed my  phone not looking at them. "I better go."she said to Zayn. "You can stay the night if you want."he replied. There wasn't any more talking only the shuffle of feet and the bedroom door closing. I went through my contacts until I found Louis' number and sent him a text saying  'Who is the girl with dark hair thats with Zayn?'I got a reply just as fast as I sent the text. Louis told me it was his girlfriend Bella. Tears started to fall from my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. Here I was on the couch wiping away these tears,while that girl was with the boy I loved. Louis called me a few seconds later. "Hey Lou."I said my voice sounded hurt still. "Harry and I are having a movie night want to come over?"he asked. "Oh thanks but no I'm really tired.Maybe another time yeah?"I asked. He laughing and agreed then hung up.Even though it was midnight they still had a movie night they where weird. Watching Zayn kiss her lips,hear him ask her stay the night,knowing she was his girlfriend where things I wish I didn't know. I can't believe this was how I was spending my Friday night crying while Bella was loving the guy I should have been loving.

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