Just A Friend *Zayn Malik Love Story*

Arianna or Aria Vega and Zayn Malik have been best friends since they where born.They know every thing about each other well they did until Aria got a boyfriend and changed a lot.Now Zayn doesn't know who she is any more,that will change when he finds out her secret and she comes to him for help.What if Aria falls for him but she's just a friend and thats all she'll ever be.This story does contain abuse such as Physical and Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse.Please do note I do not promote any type of abuse.


13. Tied Together With A Smile

I came face to face with Adam who looked shocked to see me. "Aria what are you doing here?"he asked crossing his arms. "Zayn and I broke up."I answered. "So you came back because?"he said rudely. "I- I um miss you alot,your the reason we broke up because I want to be with you."I told him. Why the hell was I doing this is your question and mine is I have no idea. A smile came across his face "You really missed me didn't you?" I nodded "Of course after all you where my first love."I said faking a smile. He pulled me into him and kissed the top of my head. I slept in the same bed I did before when I lived with him. All the memories came flooding back into my mind all night of what use to happen between us. When I woke up in the morning Adam was sitting on the couch his hair messed up. I really need to let him go and not come back to him ever,I mean I can do better then him. "Aria,look I can't do what I did to you before. It killed me and I still have no idea why I did it. But trust me I didn't mean any of it."Adam said in a soft voice. For some reason I believed him,I wasn't really sure why though. "I believe you Adam,I really do."I said sitting next to him then kissed his cheek. "Be honest why did you and Zayn break up."he said looking me in the eyes. "Well we got into a fight about if I would forgive you and well he wanted me to so we could go back out,and he could break up with me."I said in one breath. He shook his head and brought me into a hug "Oh Ari I'm sorry."he said. I shrugged "It's fine,I'm back with the person I should be with any way."I said smiling.

About two weeks had passed and I knew Adam had changed a lot in a good way. We where at Starbucks so he could help me pick out what classes I wanted to do. Since I was going to a school for performing arts. I signed up for acting,singing and daning classes. Adam was making me smile a lot but the whole time with every smile I was wishing it was Zayn.

(Zayn's P.O.V)

"I really screwed this up mate."I said to Harry and Liam as we entered Starbucks. "Zayn,you have been hung up on this for two weeks.What's done is done."Harry said messing with his curls. "I know but I miss her and don't know what to-"I said but stopped talking when I seen Aria sitting in th corner with Adam. My heart dropped into my stomach maybe I did push her back into his arms. My stupid drunk self did the talking that night and here I was regreting every thing that had went wrong. She stood behind us while texting on her phone to god only knows with a smile on her face. "Hey love how have you been?"I heard Harry ask her. She giggled a bit "I've been good.How about you curly?"she asked. "Bad because you never call or visit."he said. "Sorry Hazza I have classes coming up soon and I am just so focused on them maybe I can hang out tomorrow."she said. After she said hi to Liam after Harry,she just looked at me. "Hi Zayn."she said in a soft voice. "Aria."I replied the left walking away from Starbucks. Maybe I was going back,way to much to when every thing was good. Thinking about when we walked this street,I remembered when I had asked her if she was going to forgive Adam which was a huge mistake because now they where happy. I never seen her smile that big until we started dating. There I go again thinking about us dating again. "Zayn."a girl asked from behind me. I stopped and turned around to see a blonde girl with bright green eyes "Hi,we met a while ago when you where in Italy. I was there on vaction."she said. I nodded "Yeah I remember. It's Abigale right?"I asked. She nodded and giggled "Yeah,I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow since it's Friday I figured we could catch up."she offered. I thought about it for a second "I would love that."I replied.

(3rd person P.O.V)

Aria watched as Zayn flirted with the girl and accepted her offer to go on a date.It killed her deep down but she didn't want to admit it since she swore she was over him. Right now she felt as if she was back in school,watching Zayn get asked on all these dates by way prettier girls then her. And right now like back in school she was tied together with a smile but it was slowly coming undone. When that smile came undone no one knew what would happen with Aria except her self. Zayn on the other hand felt this was a way to get over Aria and maybe forget about her. But deep down he would always love her more then all these other girls who threw them selfs at him. Adam was talking with Liam and Harry asking him what he should do. He said his feelings had faded for Aria and he didn't want to hurt her again. Harry suggested to just break it off and let her find a guy who could love her more then any one could. Liam on the other hand said wait a while because feelings might come back. Adam agreed with Harry and was going to break it off with her tonight.


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