Just A Friend *Zayn Malik Love Story*

Arianna or Aria Vega and Zayn Malik have been best friends since they where born.They know every thing about each other well they did until Aria got a boyfriend and changed a lot.Now Zayn doesn't know who she is any more,that will change when he finds out her secret and she comes to him for help.What if Aria falls for him but she's just a friend and thats all she'll ever be.This story does contain abuse such as Physical and Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse.Please do note I do not promote any type of abuse.


14. The End

(2 months later)

"I think we need to break up both you and I know this Aria."Adam's words kept replying in my mind since last night when he said them as I rolled over yet again in my old bed. I was staying at my mother house until tomorrow thats when I would leave to go to America for school. No one knew except her and my little brother Eric. I'm just trying to figure out my life right now. I was alone and that's the only thing I knew as of now. Obviously I was going to be wrong but I was fine with that,as long as I found my place in this world it didn't matter. My mum woke me up early so I could catch my flight to America. "So honey what do you want exacly in life?"she asked. "I don't know mum, I'm still trying to figure it out."I said. The rain fell lightly on the window causing no silence not to mention I had to radio on."I'm going to miss you so much Aria,nineteen years with you and your leaving already."my mother sobbed as I waited for my flight to be called. "Mum it's fine I'm going to come back and visit around Christmas."I said hugging her tight. My flight just got called and I kissed my mums cheek one last time before walking off to the doors. My heart was pounding in my chest for no reason really. I'm not to sure if this was because I knew I was doing something on my own for once or if it was one of those moments where the guy you loved would run toward you screaming your name,then kissed you telling you not to go. But that was only in the movies and my life was far from a movie. I mean after all having that movie scene happen was slim because Zayn was happily with Abigale while I was hurt and headed toward America.

"Aria."I heard my name but ignored it thinking I just imagined it. Then I heard it again and it was closer finally I turned around to see Dani,Eleanor,Liam and Louis along with Harry. "What are you doing are you crazy?"Harry asked hugging me tight. "What the hell are you all doing here?"I asked. "Stopping you from leaving smart one."Louis said hugging me to. "Well that won't happen trust me guys. I want this no I need this,I have to leave and try to think things out. Even if that means leaving every one I love."I said. "But Ari we love you,you can't do this."Liam said looking at me with his brown eyes that reminded me of a puppy dog. "Guys I really love you for trying to change my mind I really need to do this."I said. Liam sighed "What about Zayn?"he asked. "Li,he loves some one else. I have to go guys I promise to keep in touch."I said hugging every one of them before getting on the plane.

(Harry's P.O.V)

We all watched as her plane took off. No one knew why but we thought some how one of us could have made her stay. Yet no one did,already we missed her. "So who's going to call Zayn?"I asked breaking the silence still looking out to window. "I'll do it,I told him he should have came maybe she would have stayed."Liam said walking off while pulling out his phone. "Harry she will come back don't worry."Louis said putting a hand on my shoulder. "I know but I don't see why Zayn has to screw up every thing."I said anger coming over me. "Listen Harry call her later and tell her what you wanted to before she left yeah?"he suggested and walked away with the others. He was right I should call her and tell her.

Well that's the end of Just A Friend, I thank you all for sticking with me as you read the struggles of Aria's life. For those of you who read from day one I really love every one of you and can't say it enough you all kept me writing. Like I said before I do not permote any sort of abuse. If you want a sequel which I think most of you do to find out what Harry is talking about telling Aria,let me know. Trust me the next story if you want it will be different and totally unexpected Xxx

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