Just A Friend *Zayn Malik Love Story*

Arianna or Aria Vega and Zayn Malik have been best friends since they where born.They know every thing about each other well they did until Aria got a boyfriend and changed a lot.Now Zayn doesn't know who she is any more,that will change when he finds out her secret and she comes to him for help.What if Aria falls for him but she's just a friend and thats all she'll ever be.This story does contain abuse such as Physical and Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse.Please do note I do not promote any type of abuse.


10. Remember Her Name

"Aria this is Zack,there's no easy way to say this but Vanessa's in the hospitale."the voice of Vanessa's older brother said. My heart stopped and shattered. "What happened?"I asked not noticing the tears fall. "I'll tell you when you get here."he replied then the line went dead. Dropping my phone I hurried up and got dressed before leaving the house ignoring the shouts coming from the boys asking me where I was going. Once I got there I found Zack I seen him in tears which was odd becuase it was rare when he cried. Pulling him into a hug I asked him what happened. "Drew is what happened."he said his voice hoarsed from crying. "What are you talking about?"I asked confused. "He abused her Aria,he probably got it from Adam since they are friends and he seen him do it to you."he said wiping away his tears. I ran to the room Vanessa's room where I looked over my best friends face to see cuts and bruises. My heart sank and also shattered to a million to pieces just thinking that could have been me and also why didn't she tell me. Walking slowly over to her bed,she opened her eyes while giving me a weak smile. "Aria your here."she said happily. My eyes began to sting from the tears that where starting to grow in them. I held her hand she held out to me,my other hand was coving my mouth while I was shaking my head. "This is all my fault."she said. Remember when that was me when I said that? In a shaky breath I replied "No it's not your fault love trust me,I know I've been there and thought it was my fault time and time again until I relized it's not my fault it's his.Running a hand over her cuts she looked as if she knew I was right. "You got out,and I should have to but I was afraid and didn't know what to do."she told me fighting back tears which only made me cry more. There was a knock on the door and I seen Zack who smiled when he seen Vanessa,maybe she was asleep when they brought her here. "I'll be back love I have to call Zayn and tell him where I am."I said to her kissing her head lightly.

While in the eleavtor and on my way to the first floor many thoughts where going thought my head mostly of why Drew did this to her. The eleavator made a ding and I got off,pulling out my phone and dialing Zayn's number. It just started to ring but I pulled it away when I seen Drew walking toward me. "What the hell are you doing here?"I asked through gritted teeth. "I came to see Vanessa and tell her I didn't mean it."Drew said. "You listen to me damn it and you listen good. You will rememeber her name forever because she was the first girl you did this to I know that for a matter of fact. You are going to remember what you did to her,why and deffinitly her name thats for damn sure. It doesn't matter who else is in the picture you will remember her.You want to know what else Drew, I feel sorry for when it hits you because no one in their right mind would do that to that beautiful,sweet and amazing girl "I told him. Giving me one last glare he walked away from me not looking back. Looking back at my phone I seen Zayn had heard the whole thing. Sighing I ended the call and went back up to see Vanessa. Until about nine we talked about her relationship and mine. "Love is supposed to be my friend Aria,so how is it being my friend by putting me in the hospital?"Vanessa asked. "Love hurts and it doesn't make much sense.But I promise you,you will find a guy to treat you right like I did."I told her rubbing her arm. She nodded and yawned "You should go and get some sleep Aria,then come back tomorrow with Zayn so I can finally meet him."she said. "Any thing for you babe."I told her kissing her cheek gently then leaving to go home.

Sorry this chapter took longer then I wanted,mostly because it got deleted right as I was about to publish it. Any who I hope it was good and you guys didn't see it coming Xxx

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