Bella is forced to move from her home town after her mother is a victim of the strange kills that have been going on for a long time beforehand.
She has lived a life full of fear... But this will change when she moves in with her dad in a small town called Midale.
Won't it...?


2. Chapter Two

"Hey baby!" a happy face greeted Bella as she stepped out of the cab.

"Hi dad..." she mumbled. They hugged, a smile on one side, a quiet sob on the other. Bella was depressed, no way to hide it. Who wouldn't be? She hasn't seen or contacted her dad ever since he... nevermind.

How could she possibly pretend everything is okay and live on? How could she just forget why she was even here, why she ever left Midale in the first place, those many years ago? How could she forgive her father the mistakes he has made when they all lived happily ever after under the same roof...

"And... here is your room! I'll leave you to unpack!" Bella's dad closed the door behind him with a fake smile as he left his daughter in an empty room equipped with nothing but a bed, an old wardrobe and a big window. This grabbed Bella's attention immediately. She dropped her suitcase onto the brown rug near the door, and opened the window. She took a deep breath in closing her eyes, and forgetting everything in the world.

A snap of a branch woke her up from the daydream, followed by her sharp breath in. "I'm pretty sure I woke up already" Bella whispered to herself, thinking this may be a start of another of her haunting dreams. She skimmed the branches of the few trees in front of her, and her eyes widened and the sight of... a boy. A boy, about 17. She could bet her life on it that he was watching her. She wasn't sure whether it was the shade of the trees or his skin was so incredibly tanned. She had to try real hard, but in the end she finally was able to make out his face. He squinted motionless, on one of the highest branches. Bella shook her head slightly,in the sign of confusion. How was this possible...? She lifted her hand up slowly, and pinched herself, to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Hard. Not being able to take her eyes off the strange guy in the trees, and hurting herself pretty badly, she was forced to shut her eyes in order not to scream. When she opened them again, he was gone...

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