Bella is forced to move from her home town after her mother is a victim of the strange kills that have been going on for a long time beforehand.
She has lived a life full of fear... But this will change when she moves in with her dad in a small town called Midale.
Won't it...?


3. Chapter Three

People whispered and sniggered in the new girl's direction as she walked nervously up the stairs to the main hall. Slouched over slightly,hing her thigh with every step she took, her big blue eyes skimming the place for any sign of a future friend. This thought dissapeared when she bumped into someone with a rather hard back. Startled, she mumbled a quick apology and hurried on, hoping nobody noticed.


"Erm, scuse me, are you okay? You seem lost"A female voice forced Bella to once again wake up from her daydreams. She was a dreamer, no doubt. But only when she wanted to. She had no problems at school because of it. Though she enjoyed spending recess doing nothing and just thinking about anything that pops into her head. Which was the case at that particular moment. She thought about the strange boy she witnessed in the tree by her window, and she cared of nothing else whilst rebuilding his image in her head. She imagined his deep dark eyes, his obviously strong arms, his exact position on the branches. Every single detail she could make out that day. Well, until she was awoken.

"Oh, yeah, Im fine." she replied to the chubby red-head in front of her.

"My name's Yasmine, by the way." she stuck her left hand out in front of her, smiling and exposing the braces.

"Bella" they shook hands.

"You know, it ain't easy making friends here." Yasmine commented after a long silence. "Oh, there's the bell, gotta go!" She sped off down the corridor, her short hair bobbing left and right. The strange thing was, the bell didn't ring until a minute or so after Yasmine disappeared into one of the doors at the end of the passage. This forced Bella's eyebrows to pull together in confusion. Perhaps this girl could tell the future? Bella had read all sorts of books about paranormal and supernatural people who could do things like this. Oh, there it goes, a start of another daydream... Or maybe Yasmine simply knew the school timetable off by heart? Bella shrugged it off quickly and hurried to lessons.

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