Bella is forced to move from her home town after her mother is a victim of the strange kills that have been going on for a long time beforehand.
She has lived a life full of fear... But this will change when she moves in with her dad in a small town called Midale.
Won't it...?


1. Chapter One

She opened her eyes suddenly with a sharp gasp. Nightmares; they never foretell a happy ending. Beads of sweat slowly forming on her forehead, she ran out of her bedroom and a split second later she found herself kneeling on the floor next to her mother's bed, shaking her awake. Nothing. No reaction from the beautiful creature lying motionless, cold as ice.

Bella shook her head in disbelief to what could have happened, taking a few steps back towards the door. "This is a dream. I'm sure it is. It must be another nightmare... Like, a dream in a dream." she comforted herself. But deep inside she knew she wasn't dreaming. Tears built up in her eyes as she hurried towards the phone.

She knew this was to happen one day. The whole town was prepared for this. Since the first kill ever, about four years ago, everyone was instructed about what to do in a situation like this. The police where forbidden to sleep, in case something happened again.  "Nobody knows when, but 'they' will come for each and every one us" she thought, dialling 911.


"Can you tell me exactly what you saw?" the officer questioned the frightened teenager in front of him. It was early morning, Bella still wearing nothing but her short grey nightie, barefoot, goosebumps forming all over her pale body.

"I told you. I saw nothing. I just had a bad dream, which usually means something bad is about to happen. So i went to check if Mom was alright. And... she wasn't..." a tear fell down Bella's cheek once again. She wiped her eyes with the corner of her nightie, exposing a large part of her thigh. But what did she care? Her beloved parent has just been attacked by... By who? Or should she ask, by what?

The man nodded, and jotted this down on his clipboard. He turned around and left Bella alone with her thoughts. What will she do? Will she have to move in with her dad? She was nearly an adult; would they make her stay here all alone? No, they would never do that. It's suicide. But what about school? What about..? Thoughts like these filled her head, and no matter how hard she tried, she was in no condition to stop the tears.

"This is beggining to freak me out now..." another officer commented, his back turned to Bella, "this is the third kill this week..."

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