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Kenzie was Niall's best friend. He left to go to X Factor and promised to keep in contact if he got through. Managemant heard of how he felt about Kenzie and stopped him from contacting her. Paul thought he wasn't responsible enough to have a girlfriend. Niall comes back for the summer and decides it would be the perfect to to try and rebuild their friendship. Will they become friends again or maybe even something else. Or will the whole friendship thing fail. You will have to read to find out.


4. Truth or Dare.

Kenzie’s POV:


The door opened and there stood four amazingly cute guys. But I still had my eyes set on Niall I just didn’t want to tell him in case it ruined our newly renewed friendship. “Hey Lads, This is Kenzie” Niall said while giving the boys a look they seemed to understand cause they all nodded I must say, I was a bit confused to be honest. But I just ignored it.


I took the pizza into the living room and we sat on the couches and ate it. I must say I don’t know what the flavours were but they were nice! We had all finished and Louis decided it was time for Spin the Bottle. But what we did is the person the bottle landed on got asked if they wanted truth or dare by the person who spun the bottle.


First Niall spun the bottle and it landed on me. I said truth being that these boys probably did crazy dares according to their bubbly, outgoing personalities. Niall asked who I liked. I didn’t know what to say. I gave a looked over at Nikita and Angela and gave them the facial expression that said ‘What do I say’ they just shook their heads. I didn’t want to lie. But I didn’t want to ruin the friendship. “I can’t say. But I will give you a hint.” All the boys went wide eyed “He’s sitting in this very room.” The boys were accepting of my answer.


I span the bottle and it landed on Louis. “Truth or Dare” I said. “Dare. I’m feeling rebellious” He said. “


 I was thinking hard. “I dare you to…… run to the mailbox and play the rest of the game in your boxes!” “EASY!!” he shouted and stripped down he then ran out into the freezing cold, touched the letter box and ran inside. We were all wetting ourselves. He came back in almost blue. He sat down and we continued playing. 


Louis span the bottle and it landed on Zayn. “Truth or dare pretty boy” Louis said sarcastically. “Truth cause the dare might mess up my hair” “Chicken” Louis shouted as Zayn put his hands up in defence. “Who are you crushing on?” Louis said.


Zayn’s POV:


“Who are you crushing on?” Louis said. Who am I crushing on? I knew exactly who I was crushing on. Should I lie? “ZAYN” Louis shouted “Answer the question” I chose truth so I decided to answer it correctly. “If I say this will you hold it against me?” I said. Everyone shook their heads. “Promise?” they all said promise in unison. “Okay. So I kinda have a crush on someone in this room.” Nikita, Angela and Kenzie all looked at each other. “Who is it, who is it, Who is it?” I heard Louis scream like a 2 year old. “Nikita” everyone’s mouth dropped open and Nikita turned bright red. “So you won’t hold it against me?” I questioned not getting my hopes up.


“Of course not, how could I hold a grudge against such a cutie??”She said. A smile automatically appeared on my face. “So? I spin it next?” “You sure do!” Nikita said with a smile on her face. I spun the bottle it went round for what felt like ages. It landed on Harry. “Truth or dare curly” I said with a smirk  on my face. “DARE!” Harry shouted. “Okay then. I dare you to run round the neighbour’s house in your boxes!” “Okay then.” He stripped down and did the dare.

Harry spun the bottle and it landed on Nikita. Oh just great. I know exactly what he is going to do! Help me.


Harry’s POV:


You would have to be blind if you couldn’t see that Zayn and Nikita liked each other. So I thought I might just help them a bit. “Nikita, truth or dare?” “ummmm, can I say truth and if I don’t want to answer it say dare?” “fine. But you have to do one, kaay??” I smiled mischievously. “Okaay?” she answered more as a question. “truth is do you like Zayn?” “And dare??” “I dare you to answer the truth question” everyone cracked up laughing but I just sat there with a straight face.


Nikita’s POV:


Oh crap… Really??  You have to be kidding me!! Do I like Zayn?? That was the question that kept replaying in my head. “yes? no? maybe???” “Nikita, if you don’t answer we will!” Said Angela speaking on behalf of her and Kenzie. Oh crap. “ummm Yes??” I said more or less questioning myself. “What was that?? We can’t hear you!!” said Liam who hadn’t really spoken all night. “Fine then, I like Zayn Okay? You happy now?” a mix of awws and cheers went round the room.

“So? Now I spin the bottle??” I asked no one in particular. “Yeah” I spun the bottle and it landed on Niall. “Truth or dare leprechaun?” “Umm dare” “I dare you to kiss anyone in this room!” “Okay?”


Niall’s POV:

“I dare you to kiss someone in this room!” “Okay?” who to kiss?? I know I like Kenzie. The boys know I like Kenzie. So why not kiss her. But then I would risk ruining the friendship. I can’t kiss Nikita ‘cause her and Zayn like each other. Maybe Angela? But then I remember Kenzie saying she liked someone in this room. Could it be me? Should I risk it? “Anytime now!!” said Nikita interrupting my thoughts. Here goes nothing.

Kenzie’s POV:

When Niall started to move towards Angela who was sitting next to me I was absolutely heartbroken. He likes Angela. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. I should’ve just stuck to being friends. Why did I have to fall for a gorgeous blue eyed boy? All if a sudden I felt a pair of lips on my lips pulling me out of my thought. I opened my eyed to see Niall in front of me. Kissing me. Wait what? He likes Angela. Eh, I got over myself and kissed him back. He smiled into the kiss and so did I. I felt tingles all through my body. We both pulled back out of breath.  Niall pecked me on the lips again making me turn bright red and sat back in his seat.

“Okay, so yeah” Niall said awkwardly. “I’m bored” Louis wined like a three year old. “What should we do now?” All of a sudden the power came back on. Everyone cheered and we agreed on watching a movie. “Hey guys, it’s getting late do you all just want to stay??” Niall asked. Everyone said yes so Niall went up stairs and got 5 pairs of track pants and us girls went back to our flat to get some pyjamas. I wore my green onesies that Niall had given to me a couple of weeks before he left, Nikita wore some track pants and a purple singlet and Angela wore some pyjama shorts and a singlet. We all grabbed a pillow and snuggle rug and put them into a duffle bag and headed back to Niall’s.

When we got back to Niall’s all the boys had sweat pants on and no top. Louis and Niall were in the kitchen cooking popcorn and Liam, Harry and Zayn were arguing over what movie to watch. Liam wanted to watch Toy Story and Zayn and Harry wanted to watch Paranormal activity 4 I grabbed a random DVD out of one of the boys hands and put it in the DVD player. It turned out to be paranormal activity 4. We all grabbed some blankets and waited for Louis and Niall. They came in with 4 bowls of popcorn. Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn were all on the sofa. That left the love seat and the floor. Nikita sat in between Zayn’s legs and Angela sat in between Harry’s. That left the loveseat. Niall sat on the love seat and grabbed me behind the waist and sat me on his lap. I snuggled into his chest getting ready to watch the movie. Most of us screamed a couple of times. The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was “I love you Kenzie” I’m pretty sure Niall said that but I might of just been dreaming.


A/N Hey everyone thanks for your patience I have only just got my laptop back. Not by best chapter but its just a filler. Hope you likeit. If you could  Comment, Favourtie and like it would mean lots to me. Thanks. Nikita


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