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Kenzie was Niall's best friend. He left to go to X Factor and promised to keep in contact if he got through. Managemant heard of how he felt about Kenzie and stopped him from contacting her. Paul thought he wasn't responsible enough to have a girlfriend. Niall comes back for the summer and decides it would be the perfect to to try and rebuild their friendship. Will they become friends again or maybe even something else. Or will the whole friendship thing fail. You will have to read to find out.


3. Storm!

Kenzie’s POV:


I knocked on the door and it opened almost immediately. I walked on in and made myself feel at home. As I placed my stuff on the floor next to the couch I walked into the kitchen to see Niall pouring drinks. I looked over at the clock and realised that it was only 2pm. “Hey Niall?” “Yeah?” he replied almost immediately. “Wanna go to Nando’s?” “YES!!” he shouted with a huge grin on his face. “Let’s go then.” Niall locked up and we walked to his car.


When we finally arrived at Nando’s I saw the flashing of cameras. I almost forgot that Niall was in the hottest boy band in the world until now. Niall grabbed my hand and we ran into Nando’s. We could still hear the screams outside but thankfully the fans aren’t allowed in Nando’s. We ordered and decided to take it home to eat. When we finally got our food we jumped in the car and headed home.


We got home and dug into the grilled chicken. All of a sudden there was a sound of thunder and a flash of lightning. As Niall knew I was absolutely petrified of storms. I looked at Niall, He could obviously see the fear in my eyes. “It will be alright” He said. “I hope so.” I replied trembling with fear. We turned our attention back to eating the chicken. After about 20 Minutes we were both finished. I looked at the clock and it was still only 3.30pm. We decided to snuggle up on the couch under blankets. Niall turned on the movie The Notebook. My favourite.




Niall POV:


I turned on The Notebook and saw a smile creeping onto Kenzie’s face. I knew she loved the movie. I went and sat on the couch next to her and she cuddled up next to me like we used to do. I just sat there looking at her. She looked at me every now and then and smiled. Whenever she looked at me I looked away. Then all of a sudden I turned into panic mode.


At Nando’s I was holding hands with her. There were paparazzi taking photos of us and they are going to make up some pathetic story. I quickly grabbed out my phone and went on twitter. They hate has started

@Kenzali1299 You are so ugly why would anybody want to date you

@Kenzali1299 You are hiddieous!

@Kenzali1299 Why would @NiallOfficial want to date you?

Kenzie noticed me looking at my phone. “What are you doing?” “Oh nothing” I lied. She knew something was up. “The paps have said that we are dating. I was checking twitter to see how much hate you had gotten.” I said back truthfully. “Haters gon’ Hate. I don’t care what they say! And even if we were dating the fans that would hate can’t do anything about it!” She said confidentially “I’m glad that you feel that way about it. Don’t listen to what they say. It’s not true! You are beautiful” “Thanks Nialler” she said smiling.


All of a sudden the power turned off. I knew Kenzie had started to panic. I could tell as her breathing had hitched. I quickly got up and got a torch that was in the kitchen telling Kenzie I would be back. I ran around the house and lighted all of the candles. The light wasn’t bright but it was bright enough. It was 5.30pm when I last looked at the clock. I had an idea. Causing we couldn’t do anything in the dark I decided to see if we should invite the boys, Nikita and Angela. Angela was another one of Kenzie’s friend.


I walked back into the dimly lighten room. “Hey do you want to invite the boys, Nikita and Angela to stay?” I was hoping she would say yes. “Yeah sure, That would be cool. You call the boys and I will call the girls.”  With that we both got our cell phones out and dialled the numbers.


“The boys will be 20 minutes what about the girls?” I said “The girls will be here in about 30 minutes!” “What are we going to have for tea?” “The girls are getting pizza on the way here. Is that alright?” “YAAY PIZZA!!” I screamed like a three-year old. “I take that as a yes. What are we going to do when they get here?” She replied. “I was thinking that we could eat, Play a game knowing Louis. Watch some movies, What do you think?” “OMG, it’s like you read my mind!” “Sweet!” “Just so you know I know nothing about One Direction! When you stopped talking to me I didn’t watch the X factor or listen to your music cause I thought you hated me.” She said sounding sad towards the end. “It’s fine. I understand. I will introduce you when they get here” She looked relived. I heard a knocking at the door and ran to get it.


Kenzie’s POV:

I was glad that Niall understood where I was coming from. I was scared that he was going to take it the wrong way. The boys, Nikita and Angela were going to be here soon, As I thought that there was a knock at the door. Niall jumped up to open it. There stood The Boys, Angela and Nikita with the pizza’s in her hands. Tonight is going to be way better than I thought.

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