Wait, Is This Actually Happening? (one direction love story)

Allie and Jessalyn are huge fans of one directon and some amzing things happen, read to find out about this sequal i am writing.


4. The Mall

Authors note:sorry i havent posted in a while its just i have been so busy with school and sports. but i am going to be writting more so yeah. lol i hope you like this update and tell me what you think!


Just then, I had realized…… I had cheer practice at 6 pm tomorrow. I had been doing competitive cheer since I was seven. It was a big part of my life, well it was my life! And I did not want to miss a practice. So I text him

Allie~omg! I just realized that I have cheer at 6 tomorrow, and I HAVE to go because we have a competition coming up…….

Nialls POV~

She did cheer? Wow I didn’t know that! I wonder if shes good, maybe I can go to her competition! it would be so delightful!

Niall~oh okay! I can take you there after!

Allie~ ok!


Allies POV~

I got upand immediately remembered was goingto the mall with niall. Wow I never expectedmy plan would work! It suddenly became real and I had butterflies in my stomach like I did at the concert. Wait, im just getting ready, why do I have butterflies already? I shake them off and get back to picking my outfit out. I looked through my closet and went through many outfits till I found the perfect one. I had on my grey shirt with the English flag on it, it was kinda short so it showed a tad but of my stomach but it was designed that way and was cute! I paired it with a pair of black pants and my grey toms. I thought it looked cute! Even though my hair is already naturally curly I curled it with my curling iron and it came out fantastic! Well at least I thought. Then I put a tad bit of mascera and I text niall and he said he was on his way.

Nialls POV~

I pulled up in her driveway and she walked out. The first thing I saw was her beautiful eyes, then I saw how she did her beautiful long hair in curls and it looked stunning. Then I worked my way down looking at her outfit, I guess I was kind of checking her out. But she looked amazing.

She got into the car and I could tell that she was nervous. I didn’t know why. Well I kinda did but to me it felt natural. We were on our way to the mall and one of our songs moments came on and I went to change it but she slapped my hand and sang the whole song word for word. I thought this was cute. I didn’t even bother trying to join in.

We finally got to the mall and we walked into forever 21 first. This store was huge! It was kinda cool though because it has a different styles but in different sections. So of course allie ran to the vintage section and her eyes lighted up like she was in hevan! “its all so cute!!” she said. I laughed as she ran around in circles.

She picked out these pale green pants and this rey owl shirt that had the same green in it. It was short in the front and long in the back. I never saw a shirt like this but I liked it. When she stood up straight in it, it showed her stomach like the one she that she wore today did. I personally thought it was sexy.

She walked over the register to pay for it and she pulled out 2 $20 dollar bills out and before she could hand them to the cashier I gave her my atm card. “hey!” she yelled while she playfully slapped my arm. “it’s the least I could do!” I said and she said “im paying for the rest” “we will see about that” I said with a huge grinn on my face. And she just glared at me. She was cute when she was mad.

We walked through the mall eating ice cream and talking about random stuff. Im glad we could be ourselves around each other. Other girls arent like that. We were walking around when all of a sudden she screamed and ran into a little botique and hid.

I was confused so I ran over to her. She was crying and was shaking her head. I felt bad for whatever happened. I didn’t know what was happening. So I asked “whats wrong love?” “my dad….” “what about your dad?” I asked and she told me. “when I was little my dad beat me and my mother. At the time I was little and couldn’t defend myself. A few years ago he got mad because I didn’t make him dinner before he got home so he started to beat me. My mother tried to pull him off of me and he turned arouned” she started to cry harder “its okay” I said and she continued. “he turned arouned and started beating my mom. I had saw this many times but it was different this time. His eyes, they looked different. He didn’t stop. She almost died. He left her on the floor to bleed out. Before he left he said that if I said any thing he would come and I would be next. But rite after he left I called the police. I was so scared to tell them but I knew I had to. So they got here and the ambulance took my mom. They caught him and they said he would be put away for a very long time. But I had to stay with foster care untill my mom got better whitch was a few months. But I guess he got out. Im scared….. He going to try to kill ME now.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. She is so uppidy and outgoing, I would have never guessed somethong like this had happened. I still had all of this flashing through my mind and I tried to reassure her. “its okay I wont let anything happen to you” “we have to leave. Rite now before sees me and tries to hurt me.” she said, so I grabed her and we ran acroos the hall where the exit doors were and left. She called her mom.

Allies POV~

I had to call my mom. I dial her number with my trembling hands. “hello” “MOM!” “yes? What is it, and why are you crying?” “I just saw……” I couldn’t say his name. it hurt too much. “who? Who did you see Alisen?” my actual name is alisen but people call me allie for short. “I saw…….. JOE.” “What? When? Is he out of jail already?” “yeah mom, he only got sentenced 5 years. Its been 5 years. But im scared! And why was he at the mall mom? But he said if I called th police that it would be me next mom!” “I know. Honey it will be alright. Just come home.” okay mom, love you” “love you too honey, bye”

“just take me home niall” I said to him


And that’s all we said for the rest of the way home.






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