Wait, Is This Actually Happening? (one direction love story)

Allie and Jessalyn are huge fans of one directon and some amzing things happen, read to find out about this sequal i am writing.


3. The Call

Allie~Well its late, imma go to bed kay? Goodnight  MAKE SURE U TEXT ME IN THE MORNING!

I layed in bed thinking about her. The way she looked. The way she smelled. The way she talked. The way she laughed. The way she stood. The way she smiled. The way that she IS. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I didn’t understand why, I mean I meet hundreds of girls every concert and yet this particular one stood out from the rest, she actually made me smile after a long day, she was………perfect.

Niall~okay love <3

I finally went to sleep, with a smile on my face.

I wake up and check my phone to see if she text me, she didn’t…….but I made sure I did!

Niall~good morning

I waited for about two minuets and in those two muinets I came across something, the concert that we had when I met her was our last concert of the tour! And I was in the town that I lived. Me and the boys have 2 months to relax so if she lived by me, that would be a miracle!


This made me smile, it was so cute. But I had a huge question to ask her!

Niall~hey I was wondering, where do you live? Because me and the boys have 2 months off and it would be so delightful if we could hang out.

The house that me and the boys stay in is in liams hometown! Wolver Hampton, England.

Allie~I live in wolver Hampton

I couldn’t believe it! She lived in the same city that me and the boys were staying! I immediately text her back

Niall~are you serious? You know that that is liams hometown right! And that’s where we are staying! Sooo…………. Do you want to hang out with tomorrow? I really would like to see you!

I was so anxious! I couldn’t stand waiting for her to text me back. It seemed like hours even though it was only like 45 seconds. But it seemed like lifetime and the close I got to knowing if we were going to hang out the longer it seemed.

Allie~only if you answer this one question . Why did you decide to text me?

Shock came over me. I couldn’t believe she just said that I mean has she looked at herself lately? And with that I said,

Niall~ CALL ME .

Allies POV~

He said call me in all caps. Whoa, did I do something wrong? A whole lot of questions ran through my brain. So I called him.

“hello love” he said “okay now what did you want to say?? And you never did answer my question you know!” “well that’s why I wanted to call you, to answer your REDICULOUS question.” “okay?” I said in confusion. Before he could speak I said “I am just one of your crazy fans who pulled a stupid stunt with hopes for something that probably will never happen” “well, first of all you are NOT just one of those fans because you stood out to me, as soon as you walked into the lounge backstage I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, and I forgot about the note and before I realized I had it I was mad at myself for not getting your number. You are perfect, your eyes, your hair, your smile, your cute little nose, the way you dress, you way you laugh, the way stand, the way you look when you are nervous it is all PERFECT. So don’t say that you are JUST a fan because your not you are a perfect beautiful girl. So that’s why I texted you. And do you know what and that stupid stunt you pulled, well we wouldn’t be talking rite now if you didn’t do it now would we? And that thing that you were hoping would happen, if it was to go out with me, I would love that.”

Whoa, I was overwhelmed, all of the compliments he gave me, did he really like me that much? And when he got kind of angry, I think it was cute. And did he just ask me out? “oh okay” I say softly because I didn’t know what to say. “I didn’t know you liked me so much……” “how couldn’t I?” he asked “your perfect” he said “thank you, you know you aren’t all that bad your self you know!” “why thank you love, and I answered your question now answer mine!” I listened to his Irish accent. “I would love to hang out with you tomorrow niall!”I said, I gave him my address and we established that we would have lunch and then go for a walk and maybe go shopping.





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