Wait, Is This Actually Happening? (one direction love story)

Allie and Jessalyn are huge fans of one directon and some amzing things happen, read to find out about this sequal i am writing.


2. I Think I Might Be Sprung!

About two more groups come in and all I could think about is that one girl, Allie, her name bouncing around in my head. Occasionally I found my self smiling for no reason. I mean I have met literally thousands of girls and none of them have affected me like this one did. The more I think about her the more I hate myself for not getting her number.



We get back on the bus and I’m not even hungry. Wow that something is really going on if I am not hungry. “your not going to eat nialler?” asked Zayn. “No.” I simply say and I walk into my bunk. I know that they are wondering what’s wrong but I don’t care, let them wonder. “Oh my gosh!” I exclaim, then immediately put my hand over my mouth. I know that they heard that but it was necessary! I had totally forgotten about the note! So I took it out of my pocket. My stomach started to twist as I started to open it. It read , (559)5779843 call me maybe?? -Allie

This made me smile the biggest smile. It was cheesy but its cute! Just like her! Wow, I’ve never felt like this. I take my iphone out and text her. I know it said to call but I’m going to text.

~hey its niall, I just wanted to say that you looked really stunning at the meet and greet tonight :) <3

Allies POV~


I lay in bed wondering if he even read the note or if he just threw it away thinking, stupid fans. Tears come to my eyes at this thought as soon as I come into a full cry, my phone buzzes. Its an unknown number. I look at it

Niall~Hey its niall, I just wanted to say that you looked really stunning tonight :) <3

Oh my gosh I cant believe that he actually text me! I immediately text jessalyn and tell her what he said. Now she’s at her house fangirling! I am to but I have to make it sound like I’m not in the text.

Allie~oh hey, I’m surprised you actually text me back :)

Okay now I was in a full fan girl, if that even makes sense. But I am so anxious to see what he’s going to say!

Nialls POV~

I didn’t know how to take this last text she sent. What did she mean she was surprised? Did she think I didn’t like her? Is she excited? Is she not excited? What is she doing? Ugh, I can tell I’m thinking about this to much so I just text her back

Niall~aha why you say that?

I’m really impatient rite now. But then finally after a few minutes of my mind racing back and forth, my phone buzzes.

Allie~well I mean your famous, and I’m just like towns people to you. -__-

I cant believe she just said that, she was definitely more than just a towns person to me. She was a beautiful girl who I want to get know.

Niall~Don’t say that! Anyway, how old are you, I’m 17.…..

I really hope she isn’t that much younger than me because I’m almost 18 and I dont want people to say stuff like I’m a petafile, you know how paparazzi can be.

Allie~im 16 :) my friend jessalyn is 17 though.

I let out a sigh of relief. Then I noticed, I hadn’t even saved her name to my phone yet. So I did Allie, with tons of heart, ring, and girl emojis. Wow I think I might be sprung. O.0


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