Wait, Is This Actually Happening? (one direction love story)

Allie and Jessalyn are huge fans of one directon and some amzing things happen, read to find out about this sequal i am writing.


1. The concert

Allies POV~

“Omg! Omg! Omg!” my best friend Jessalyn exclaims. We were getting ready to go the One Direction concert in town at 6:00 tonight. I mean its ONE DIRECTION, who wouldn’t be excited? I know I was, I’m usually pretty loud but I’m trying my hardest to keep my emotions inside. We had backstage passes! Gosh, I love my mom! We went through dozens of outfits before we found the perfect ones. I’m wearing my cute floral strapless top with a jean vest over, with a pair of my skinny jeans and my toms that match perfectly my tan top. My long blonde hair is styled in my natural curly q curls down my back. I have light make up on, just mascara and a tad bit of eyeliner on the waterline of my eye. Jessalyn looked so pretty! She wore a knit beige top with a black tank top underneath. She wore the super cute floral skinny jeans and brown combat boots. Her long straight blonde hair flowed delicately down her back and she had no make up on at all, she didn’t need it!


We are sitting in the car on the way to the concert and all I can hear is “Omg! I can’t wait! Its going to be so awesome!” Jessalyn is definitely fangirling!! “Calm down!” I say “But I just cant believe it!” “I know but help me get my note ready!”, okay I am about to do the cheesiest thing ever! While we are backstage I am going to slip a note into Niall’s pocket that says,






“This is so stupid!” she said. “I know, but its worth a shot I mean he’s probably not going to call or text me anyway, but at least I can say I did it!” I say kind of annoyed because we have been over this many of times. She can tell that I was getting annoyed so she stopped an the rest of the way there we were fangirling like crazy! I could tell that my mom was getting annoyed but I didn’t care!


The concert was AMAZAYN!!! And we were in line for our turn backstage with the boys, and I had butterflies. I was trying so hard not to fan girl because any directioner knows, that the boys don’t particularly like girls who fangirl! Jessalyn was quiet, for once! But this is how I know that she is nervous. time was flying and the closer we got, the more intense the rollercoaster going on in my stomach got. Before I knew it I was next in line! Oh my gosh!

Niall’s POV~

I was dreary from the concert, the last thing I wanted to do was sit there with a big fake smile as all these crazy girls are all over the place fangirling, passing out, literally drooling at the meet and greet. Here comes in another two crazy fans, at least in between groups i get to get a drink of water. I heard the door open, then close. “Hello loves” Louis says. I look up and my eyes automatically get drawn to this beautiful girl standing there. I immediately become awake again. She had beautiful curly hair and just the right amount of makeup on to compliment her face. Her outfit was adorable. I could definitely tell that her and her friend are into the vintage style. I kind of dig that.

“Hello,” I hear a shaky voice say. It was her friend. She looked like she was going to puke “Are you alright there darling?” Harry asks with a smirk. He’s used to this kind of stuff. “Oh you know just that I’m actually meeting you right now is a dream come true!” “Well that’s delightful” said Liam. This whole time I’ve been lost in a weird feeling that came across me as soon as I saw this beautiful human being. We had a few minutes of small talk about how it is to be on tour and how it is to be famous, you know the typical questions. But I finally found out her name, Allie, how beautiful, it fits her perfect. Janas the director comes in “Wrap it up!” she says.

Allies POV~

“Wrap it up!” this stern looking woman comes in and says. “Well can we get a picture?” I ask. “Of course.” I look to my right and I see Niall! For a moment we get lost in each others eyes, then I realize ,Oh my gosh, I haven’t even noticed him the whole time! Well I guess I haven’t really realized anything, I have been lost in my thoughts of how I was going to get this note into Niall’s pocket without noticing. We all go and line up to take a picture. I make sure I am by Niall and he immediately grabs my waist, but I don’t feel uncomfortable at all, it feels very natural. As we all got situated I gently slide the note into his pocket. Well, try to, he caught me as I had it half way in his back bum pocket.

Niall’s POV~

I felt something on my bum, so I turned around and looked and I see Allie putting a note into my pocket. I let her put it the rest of the way in. We took the picture the she got on her tip toes and leaned in and whispered softly “Don’t read it till I’m gone” her sweet breath against my neck sent chills down my spine. This feeling has no explanation. She left and I hate my self for not getting to know her more or ask for her number.

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