Bad Girl, Bad Boy.

International star Zayn Malik couldn't be having it any better; with a sold out tour, songs high on the charts and 4 best friends who sing in a band with him. But things could easily spiral down when he is imprinted into the mind of not millions of fans who adore him, but a sadistic killer and his daughter.


1. Waking Up.

-Zayns P.O.V-

"Zayn, Zayn babe. Please wake up" A soft voice cooed into my ear, as gentle fingers stroked my cheek.

I opened one eye, as I stared into the  face of my ex-girlfriend. Her wavy brown hair framed her hollow cheeks. Cheeks that used to be full of happiness, before I dumped her for my own sake.

"Rebecca" I whispered, as I noticed that she was naked, except for a thin layer of the hotel blanket we were both sleeping on. I looked down at myself. I was naked as well. 

"Last night was amazing, babe" She snuggled into my bare chest.

I pushed her away. I had made a big mistake last night.

"Rebecca, no.." I sighed, as I ran a hand through my black soft hair.
He faced showed genuine hurt.

"Last night was a big mistake. We were both drunk-"
"But Zayney Poo, I wasn't drunk" She whined.
See? This is why I dumped her.

Rebecca Ferguson. X-Factor contestant. singer and songwriter from Liverpool. She may be 26 years old, but she acts like a young teenager.

"So you're telling me this could have been avoided but you chose to go on with it?!" My voice and temper were rising.
"Zayn! This could have been our shot to get back together!" She whined.

A few minutes passed, before something went through my head.

"Did we even use protection?" I asked calmly, though my head wanted to explode. If we didn't and Rebecca was pregnant.. my whole career was over.

"I don't think so" She frowned.
That was enough for me. I grabbed my hoodie and track-pants, both which smelt like beer and cigars.

As I bolted out the door, I noticed the sign hanging above the door. I found out a new thing today. That what I assumed was a hotel was actually a brothel.


Keeping low, I stayed off the main street, trying to figure out where I was. Slowly, last night's events came to mind. I remember finding out that management was controlling and even writing messages to fans, saying it was 'One Direction'. That little thing had been enough for me to go to the nearest bar. I did NOT expect my ex to show up.

Soon enough, my back roads had led up to the main road. I tried disguising myself as a hobo, spreading mud against my clothes and face, and even ripping them. I was sure I was indistinguishable.

Heading down the road, I passed a T.V shop. Looking through the windows at the T.Vs on display, I came across a breaking news flash. I was vaguely interested, but what caught my mind was that my name was mentioned. I took a closer look.

"Top serial killer Jeff Monties and daughter Indigo Monties are after their next target. Famously known for killing wealthy and rich people, police are on the case to protect their latest target. Beware, all of you, for the Monties have never failed to complete their goal. This is 7News and I hope you all have a nice day. Goodbye" 


That left me shocked. Anyone could be in danger. It could even be me.

So now two things to worry about. Getting assassinated by this countries most wanted criminals and becoming a dad.


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