Who's Princess?

Niall surprises Natalie after being on tour for 1 and a half months. The couple have been dating for about 3 months now. Niall bring Natalie on your with him which may not have been his best idea. It looks like Harry wants some of Niall's princess too. Who will Natalie choose?


3. So Sweet

I ran up the stairs and got into my room and find brand new pink luggage on my bed! How and when he got that there I don't know. It was so
pretty to, pink with white polka dots. My two favorite colors! I guess he got that there while I was brushing my teeth. So adorable, he is just so perfect! I then sat down on the corner of my bed just remembering the day we met.*FLASHBACK* It was at one of there signings. I was lucky enough to get a bracelet and be able to meet the boys. I camped out with some good friends of mine at the mall the night before the boys would be there. We camped out for 12 hours! I remember the wait on the line to see the boys, how many people were there, then finally when it was my turn to get stuff signed. I said hi to all the boys and last at the table was Niall. I remember looking into his eyes and being speechless. He said "Hi what's your name babe?" I looked at him and said "Um my name is Natalie". "That's a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl like you." When he said that I blushed and he laughed, then a security guard said "LET'S GO KEEP THE LINE MOVING" and we both sighed. "Bye! It was wonderful meeting you!" I said to Niall.  "Wait!" he said. I kept walking getting pushed by security guards and I saw him whisper something to Paul. I then saw Paul take out a sharpie and a piece of paper and start walking in my direction. "Hi is your name Natalie" he said to me. "Yes it is!" I looked at him with a big smile. "Well could you please write down your phone number?" he said handing me a piece of paper and a sharpie. "Sure can I just know why?" I said looking at him. "Well Niall said he thought you were beautiful and would love to get to know you better.". "OH MY GOSH REALLY?!" I said being any typical fan getting this type of news. "Yup" Paul said laughing. "Well you can expect a text from him any time within the next couple hours!" *FLASHBACK OVER* I heard Niall say "NATALIE!!! Whats takin so long we have a flight to catch!". "Sorry babe!" I said laughing "just thinking." I said smiling to myself. That day was so perfect, it went as any die hard fangirl would dream of. My friends were so jealous. I don't talk to two of the four of them any more. They were really jealous and starting being rude to me. I didn't want people like that around me, so it helped me realize who my real friends were. I thanked Niall for that, he didn't understand why but I think any girl does. He just thought of it as me losing friends. 
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