Who's Princess?

Niall surprises Natalie after being on tour for 1 and a half months. The couple have been dating for about 3 months now. Niall bring Natalie on your with him which may not have been his best idea. It looks like Harry wants some of Niall's princess too. Who will Natalie choose?


2. Finally

"I get to go on tour with you?!" I said probably sounding more excited than ever before. "Yes!!!" Niall said ecstatically pulling me in for a hug then continued talking.  "I asked Paul and management and since we have been dating for a while now we can become more public with the fans and you can come on tour with us! Eleanor will be with us for a while so you guys can get to know each other!". "Oh my god. This is so exciting!  That sounds fantastic! But wait what about my parents? I have to tell them!". "Already done babe." Niall said planting a kiss right on my lips. I pulled away and said "You are the best boyfriend ever. Well I got to go pack!" I went to pull away from his grip around my waist but he didn't let go. "Don't pack to much!" Niall said to me. "But why not?". That was weird, why wouldn't he want me to pack much.  Niall held my hands and said "Well I want to spoil you and buy you more clothes. I need to buy my girl presents after leaving you for this long!". He said kissing my neck. "You can't do that Niall! I have enough clothes, I don't need you to buy me more!".  "YES I DO!!!!" he said in a whiny voice laughing.  "Well fine! I won't pack too much." I  said to him kissing him on the cheek. 
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