Torn my life apart

Leanne teaches dance and is in quite a few music videos. When she is chosen to dance in 1 of 1D's songs she is torn between her job and love she doesn't know what to do


2. The letter

Today, the letter is coming! I can't wait! The other girl was… Cameo, yeah, that's her name. The mailman came by my house and put the letter in the mailbox and I pulled it out. I sat down and opened it, it says, says, YES! Omg! I made it! It says I am meeting the boys this afternoon, 4:00, I'm dressed and I go. "hi!" I say as I enter the room, "hi," they all say and off to work we go. We started off as me stretching them so they don't hurt themselves. Liam is first. I got him in struddle position, me trying to make him in splits and then the rest. Louis is a struggle, Liam is ok, Zayn pretty good, Niall terrible, Harry perfect. We are doing chore. now and Lilliana is teaching us.
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