Torn my life apart

Leanne teaches dance and is in quite a few music videos. When she is chosen to dance in 1 of 1D's songs she is torn between her job and love she doesn't know what to do


1. Speak music

Hi, I'm Leanne and I am 16. To start with, I have long red hair, pale skin, I'm very fit and I am tall. So anyways, Today I am going to an audition for a music video. The one who is holding them won't tell us what singer(s) it/they is/are but I'm excited all the same. I'm dressed and leaving in 2 minutes, so excited! Alright, I'm there and stretching before we start the people we are auditioning for are............ One Direction! We are learning a dance for what makes you beautiful because they haven't made the video yet. We started and tried doing backflips and handstands, almost everyone stacked but I didn't and I was so exited. All the people that stacked were out. There was about 15 left and they needed 1 person so they started with some choreography and I did great, 3 people left, 2, results are coming tomorrow, hope I am the last one!

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