Tell Me Its Going To Be Okay

A story...yeah. Feedback?


3. 3.


“Jordan! Jordannnn!” Mom called up the stairs to me.

“What! I called down annoyed. Why do people wake up so early?!

“I’m going out shopping. Want anything?” She asked grabbing her purse and keys.

“Bring me back an iced latte from Steam will you?” I asked ever so hopefully.

“Kay, bye honey!” I heard the door slam and stepped out of bed. I slid my toes into my Ugg slippers and padded across my floor. I leaned down and scooped up my phone from my carpet and checked the messages. I had three new messages.

Annie:  What r u doing 2day?

I scanned further down.

Emma: Mm…Steam 2day? 

I opened my final message from Mac.

Mac: I missed u guys yesterday! I can’t blieve I had to babysit my sister. 

I replied to each message and rifled through my closet to pick out an outfit. I finally settled on a salmon colored Juicy sweater with a white lace cami and a white tennis skirt. I slid on my outfit for today and checked myself in front of the mirror. Very first day of summer chic! I tucked my phone into my pocket and slowly went downstairs. I checked our calendar hanging on the fridge and pondered what I should do today. I quickly shot off a text to my friends:

Me: I’m thinking Manis + pedis 2day then mall? Maybe the club? Can’t dcide.

Annie: I can do manis + pedis until 3. Dads house l8r, no mall 4 me, 

Emma: I so need new summer clothes! Spa + mall is a yes!

Mac: Snaps!!! Can’t wait!

Me: Meet me @ Fleur @ noon. Xoxo <3

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