Tell Me Its Going To Be Okay

A story...yeah. Feedback?


2. 2.


Emma shook me from my dream.

“Hel-lo! We should be going like everyone is already gone. Even that loser, Haley.”

Haley. I thought. That was what my dream was about. That night.

“Earth to Jor?” Emma waved her finger in front of my face.

“Oh sorry, I’m exhausted. Where’s Annie?” I shook my head and looked around.

“She left like an hour ago!” Emma looked confused.

“Kay, well, I should get going.” I tucked my magazine into my tote and pulled out my phone. I quickly shot off a text to my mom.

Me: Ready. U coming?

Mom: Kay. B there in 5.

I tossed my phone in my bag and stood up.

“Ugh, the one thing I didn’t miss about summer is the service here. These glasses have been here for like an hour.” She gestured to our poolside table and scoffed. I shuffled through the few rows of chaise lounges and into the lobby of the club. I spotted my mom’s black Escalade and waved.

“Do you need a ride?” I asked turning to Emma, not wanting to give her one.

“Mm… I don’t think so. The driver is coming to pick me up. But who knows, he’s always late!” She laughed and checked her phone. I walked past the doorman and hopped into our car.

“How was it?” asked mom eyeing me.

“Fine, we didn’t really do anything special.” I said leaning my head on the cool glass of the window, cradling my phone on top of my thighs, wishing I could forget the dream.  Mom started the car and we continued to drive. 


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