Tell Me Its Going To Be Okay

A story...yeah. Feedback?


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"Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud."

          -Hermann Hesse

I wish I could stop dreaming, but I can't. It haunts me everytime I shut my eyes. It haunted me, The words I never said. 

Night. Summer. Anthony.

“Haley! Stop it! Stop tickling me!” I cried half laughing half actually crying.

“Guys! Seriously! What am I going to do with Anthony tonight?” Annie cried obviously worried about her date.

“All you have to do is look hot.” Haley rolled her eyes and flopped onto her pottery barn beanbag chair. I laid back on her cool hardwood floor and grabbed the latest version of People magazine. I tuned them out by reading about the Kardashians. I mean, who doesn’t worship them? A few minutes later the doorbell chimed. Annie grabbed the curtains and threw them open.

“HE’S HERE!” Annie was obviously freaking out. Haley pulled me up off the floor and dragged Annie and I downstairs. Haley’s mom was already talking to Anthony. We said goodbye to the awkward couple and shut the door.

“So…Gossip Girl marathon?” I asked as we trudged back up the stairs.

“I’m thinking something a little bit more…I don’t know, exciting?” Haley raised her eyebrows at me.

“What’s more exciting than Blair Waldorf?” I laughed to myself. Haley was silent. When we got to Haley’s room she opened her closet.

“Pick something, you can’t come if you’re going to wear a juicy track suit.” Haley gestured to the closet. I dragged my feet across her white shag rug and walked into her giant closet. I took in all the different fabrics and prints and stuck with a plain Ralph Lauren navy cardigan paired with a white Free People tank.

“Jeans?” Haley questioned not understanding why I wouldn’t want to borrow her new Rock Revivals.

“I’ll just wear the True Religions I packed in my duffle. ” I said tossing the clothes onto her bed. Haley went into the closet and came out holding an Abercrombie and Fitch flowy top and a pair of Rock Revival capris.

“Sooo…remind me again why were doing this?” I stated eyeing Haley closely.

“You and me. We are going to spy on Anthony and Annie!” Haley said as if she had just had the best idea known to mankind.

“Come on…are you kidding? I asked not liking this idea.

“I want to play a prank, now put on your clothes!” She said slipping on her top.

Not liking this one bit I cooperated and pulled on my outfit. I walked over to my purse and pulled out my phone. I had a new message.

Annie: Help! Awkward silences = disaster!!

I quickly replied:

Me: Talk about the weather.

Annie: Jor!!! Not a time 4 jokes!

Me: Go over the list of convo starters I made in Ur phone b4 u left! Good Luck! J

I clicked send and tossed my phone into my purse. Haley grabbed her purse and stood in her doorway.

“Ready? My brother will drive us.” She told me proudly and started down the stairs.

     We pulled into the parking lot of “Pasta tout le monde!” and hopped out of the car.  We stood in the front of the restaurant and looked for Anthony and Annie.

“There!” Haley pointed to their table and poked me in the side.

“Could we get a table by them please?” I asked and wiggled my eyebrows flirtatiously. The young waiter practically melted and scurried off to clean our table.

“So, here’s the plan. I’m going to prank call Anthony and tell him his grandmother is in the hospital and he will hurry and leave Annie all alone and it will be so funny. ” Haley informed me proudly.

“And why are we doing this? That isn’t even funny!” I asked very confused, not wanting to ruin our best friends date she had been obsessing over for the past week.  

“So we can mess with her head and see if she’ll call us to get her! Plus, this is way more entertaining than sitting at my house watching movies!” Haley said in a duh-tone of voice. The waiter gestured for us to follow him. We sat down in our booth and snuck peeks at Anthony and Annie. Haley pulled out her phone and dialed in *67 and called Anthony.

“Hello, this is Community hospital; we have your grandmother here. We will need you to come in now and fill out the paperwork for her.” Haley said smirking into her new iPhone 4s.

“This isn’t even making sense! The hospital wouldn’t even call him!” I whisper-shouted burying my head in my hands.

I peered over at their table. Annie’s face was filled with concern. She touched his hand trying to comfort him. Score one for Annie! He pulled away and jumped up obviously telling her he had to go. He left her there and just like Haley said, she pulled out her phone. A few seconds later, my phone went off playing Kanye West.

“Hey Girl! How’s the date?” I tried to sounds oblivious.

“He left me! His grandma was just admitted into the hospital. Will you guys come pick me up? You’re still at Haley’s right?”

“About that…” I looked over at her and Haley and I waved.

Annie’s face instantly crumbled into fury. She rushed over to our table.

“You prank called him! How could you? His grandmother has cancer!” She yelled at us. Many heads turned towards her.

“Shh…you’re making a scene. Take a chill pill. It was just a prank.” Haley examined her nails obviously not seeing why Annie was so angry. I sunk farther into my booth wishing I could just disappear.  

“I could care less if I was making a scene! News flash Haley, this isn’t some joke we play on your brother! Its serious! You lied about his grandmother.” Annie said practically fuming.  “We weren’t having that good of time…but still!” She confessed.

“God, chill. I’ll call my brother to pick us up.” Haley walked outside of the restaurant holding the phone to her ear.

“I’m really sorry An. I should have stopped her.” I said speaking towards the table not to Annie.

“It’s fine, I know it wasn’t your idea. All though, you do look good in Free People!” She said returning to her cheerful self. Haley gestured for us to come over. Annie and I linked arms and trotted towards the car.

   As we were driving home our car stopped suddenly. Haley shifted in her seat as she looked out the window.

“Guys, look.” She said, her face turning white.

I looked out the window and saw the only thing I needed to.

Anthony’s demolished car and an ambulance. 


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