Through the tears

Tessalyn was a normal girl untill her summer in London started


4. The morning

I woke up and was in a bed I don't know who's bed though. I didnt think I was staying the night. I walked out and saw liam sleeping on the couch. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the check just then Liam woke up and scared me. "Sorry Liam I didn't mean to wake you up" "it's ok Tessa I needed to wake up are any of the other boys up yet?" "no but Louis's door was open and I didn't see him in there." " we should start breckfast Niall will be Hungary when he wakes up." " ok let's go" I'll get the eggs I said there in the fridge he answered I knew that I said annoyed. Niall walks in I'm hungary he shouts waking Harry who had stumbled out a few minutes earlier and had fallen asleep agin. Then Louis came out and sat on Harr. Zayn still hadn't came out yet. So Niall went to wake him up. Zayn came out a few minutes later dragging Niall by his feet and set him down. Don't ever wake me up like that agin Zayn threatened. Niall got up and sat at the table waiting for food. Here it is I said to Niall and the other boys came over to the dinning room. Lets go to the beach Niall said with his mouth full of food sure I answered anyways I had my suitecase with me. After breckfast we got up and they ran to there room and I just stood there untill Liam came out. You can use my room to change he said, I went into his room and changed in to my pink bikkin with silver polka dots and put my white bathing suite cover on.
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