Through the tears

Tessalyn was a normal girl untill her summer in London started


3. Moves and nachos

Tessalyns P.O.V. Liam asked me kind of out I geuss I decited to say yes already was in love with him and what better so I said yes. We left the airport I sat next to Louis and Liam when we got there I noticed Niall pointing to his stomach and wispered I'm hungary I went over to Zayn and scared him. He started to chase me and I hid behind Harry to protect me from Zayn.we went in and Niall shouted ok I need food I'm starving. I ran into the kitchen found the stuff for nachos made them and brought them to Niall. We all sat down Harry buy Louis then me after me was Liam and Niall and Zayn sat on the floor I leaned on Liam and he rested his head on mine, which was on his shoulder. I fell asleep on Liam in the midle of finding nemo. Louis P.O.V. I was so jealous of Liam he had a beutiful girl sleeping on him. I wanted to steal her from him and I know niall and Zayn liked her to but I didnt know about Harry he hadn't hit on her and that's surprisin. Liam's P.O.V. I couldn't leave her there and the couch was to small so I moved her.
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