Through the tears

Tessalyn was a normal girl untill her summer in London started


2. Laughing stalk

Liam and Louis laughed with me after we calmed down a bit they asked me if I wanted to meet the other boys and of curse I said yes. Louis insisted I let him Cary me so I did you he caired me bridal style. Liam seamed to be mad at louis. He carried me over to the other boys and sat me down next to Niall and Zayn acted like he was flirting with me. Liam piled him away and I just started laughing agin I gess it was because I was with one direction and not fan girling. Liam's P.O.V. I pulled Zayn away and could hear Tessa broke out laughing. Zayn can you not see it in my eyes that I think I'm in love with her I wispered to him he just started laughing at me I don't know why but I wasn't so happy I walked back to where Tessa and the rest of the boy were. I decited I would invite her to dinner and a movie. Tessa do you want to come over to our flat and watch a movie with us I asked her, sure she replyed.
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