Through the tears

Tessalyn was a normal girl untill her summer in London started


5. Beach

Tessalyns P.O.V. The rest of the boys came out and we left for the beach. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn wanted to sit by me so I chose to sit by Harry and Zayn next to Zayn was Liam, louis was driving and Niall was in the passinger seat. We got there and ran to the beach. Louis ran into the water carrieing Harry, Niall ran in after them and Zayn, Liam and I sat on the beach makeing a sand castle. A few hours later they came out of the water Niall wanted food agin Good thing I packed lunch. After we ate lunch Liam piked me up and ran in to the water the boys running behind him he through me into the water. My elbow hit a rock and I pulled it up crying. Liam picked me up agin and ran me out of the water. Are you ok Tessa Liam asked ya I just hit my elbow on a rock I answered we need to get you to the doctor Zayn said no I'm fine I bright a first aid kit and I can wrap it up I said sturnly. I wrapped my elbow up and we ran out to the water. "a few hours later" lets go said Harry I'm tired, ok lets get Tessa to the doctors Louis said. We walked up to the car and drove to the doctors.
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