If Only You Saw . . .

Inside I was screaming. Outside I was immobile, a rock. If only she had moved . . .


3. Waliyha Malik

*not real features of the real Waliyha Malik*

Hey I'm Waliyha!!

Yes, I am Zayn's older sister..

I'm super outgoing and the opposite of shy, I'm 21 and bffs with Luna Carter.

You learned about how I don't want Luna to know about Zayn but I know any day now she's gonna find out, especially after last night..

Anyways I'm tall, slim, and have short black hair that frames my face, with big green eyes.

What most people know about me is that I'm very protective and I can be a real bitch when I want.. So watch your back(;

And what I absolutely hate is butterflies, they can go burn and die in hell.

Well enough about me, thanks for reading ;)
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