If Only You Saw . . .

Inside I was screaming. Outside I was immobile, a rock. If only she had moved . . .


2. Day Out

Luna POV

I woke up early today because today me and my BFF Waliyha Malik were having a day off, the summer so far has been extremely busy with family and parties and such so we have barely seen eachother. We decided we should go shopping! I got ready and headed out in my car to pick up Waliyha.

When I arrived I knocked on the door. I waited for a few minutes and knocked again.. Still no answer until I realized she was visiting her parents house which I had no clue where it was. I then got a text from her saying "Sorry just woke up I'll be there in an hour! Thanks love xx"

God I swear that girl is a bad at waking up.

So I decided to go back home and eat a little breakfast before walking and shopping all day eventhough we were gonna go to lunch in a few hours.

She finally showed up in white skinny jeans, blue star off the shoulder polyester shirt with a light green tank top underneath, strappy leather sandals and her hair was put in a side braid with a cute bow.

As I was just wearing a simple yellow sundress with sunglasses and white flip flops.

We decided to head out and I locked the door behind me. I have known this girl since kindergarten and I haven't seen her family for nearly three years! I remember I used to have a little crush on her brother but its been so long I don't even remember his name anymore! She always seemed so secretive about it... It was kinda weird. Everytime I brought it up she always changed the subject... So I decide not to bring it up today. Oh and if you didn't know, I'm 19 and she's 21.

I still remember how we met... So when I was in kindergarten she was in second grade and I was a real loner, nobody liked me or talked to me or even cared to look at me. So every lunch time I would sit in the corner of the classroom trying to make myself invisible, I was very shy. Then one day Waliyha came up to me and started talking to me, we instantly clicked.

Waliyha's POV

While we were in the car "What Make's You Beautiful" came on and I heard Luna singing along. This made me the slightest bit angry. I have never told her that my brother's the Zayn Malik eventhough she isn't a huge fan. I guess I'm just afraid she will go all fan girl over him and just forget all about me. And I'm not planning on telling her anytime soon because when we were little she had a crush on him and he had a crush on her and for some reason I didn't want them to be
together eventhough I love them both to death, but maybe that's the reason. I even told my family about it and they understand. So I think I'll just leave it up to her to figure it out.

The day flew by as we just walked, talked, ate, and went shopping. We bought a few shirts and accessories from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

It was very fun and was relieved that she didn't ask about my family today like she did everytime we hung out. It sorta annoyed me, I just wanna tell her to get it over with but at the same time I don't.

Luna's POV

As I dropped her off I asked, "Would you like me to walk you up?"
"No" was all she said, she even looked a smidge worried.. And with that she just got out without saying thank you.. Charming. As she opened the door there was a handsome and very hot lad
that looked exactly like Zayn from One Direction standing there. Waliyha just pushed him in and looked really worried as she shut the door. I just sat there replaying what just happened through my head over and over again, it couldn't be him could it? She wouldn't lie to me right? We were bffs? I thought bffs didn't lie to eachother? Why wouldn't she tell me? Questions raced through my mind until I realized they both had the same last names, he also sorta looked like an older version of her brother that I had a crush on a few years back. But ever since then I hadn't heard from him or seen him or any of her family. Was she keeping something from me? Was 'the' Zayn Malik her brother?
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