Maya and Katherine move to London to go to the uni. What happens when they get the flat next to Harry and Louis?



Harry’s POV

Unpacking is really boring... if these girls weren’t so adorable I would have never volunteered.
"Oi! Harry!! Come over here and help me carry the tele!"
"Coming Zayn," I replied, I trudged over to where he stood next to the television on the other side of the room. "Okay, where are we putting it?"
"Over there on the base"
Lovely, the base was on the complete other side of the room at the television looked massive.
We carried it over, but it was extremely heavy. I saw Katherine giggling at us, while we struggled to get it over there. Her laugh was so cute.
“HARRY!” I heard Zayn yell.
“What?!?” I replied annoyed. I had dropped my end of the TV and it had just missed his foot.
"Shit. I was ermmm...tired..." I lied. The real reason was Katherine, she was just so...i don’t even have the words to describe her. I could tell she noticed what I'd done because she blushed and looked away.
“Harry likes Katherine!” Louis teased.
“Shut up Louis! I do NOT!” I yelled back.
Then everyone turned and looked at me. No one else had heard what Louis said, but the whole room heard me...great....
“What did Louis do?” Liam questioned. Before Louis could respond I jumped in.
“Nope. He didn’t say anything.” I responded. Everyone still giving me a weird look but then looking away.
“It’s getting kinda late, and I’m getting hungry. Do you guys wanna come over for dinner?” I asked.
“Sure! That would be great!” Maya smiled.
I glanced over at Louis and he gave me that I-know-what-you're-trying-to-do look.

Katherine's POV

We entered their flat and looked around, their flat was slightly larger than ours but much messier; they had clothes strewn about the floor and stains on the floor.
"You can sit down over there, on the couch." Harry told us.
Niall sat down, then Harry, then Maya and lastly me. Zayn and Liam shared a love seat. And Louis on  a chair. I’m glad I got to sit next to Maya. The boys are really nice and all, but I don’t know them that well yet. I’m happy she’s here with me, it makes it less awkward.

Narrator’s POV

“Are you girls ok with tacos?” Harry asked.
“Yeh, that sounds good. Are you gonna cook?” Maya asked.
“Yep.” Harry smiled.
“Can I help?” Maya asked.
“Sure.” Harry responded.

Liam's POV

I noticed Niall looking very sad. I thought I better go talk to him.
"Niall, can I talk to you in the other room?" I asked.
"Sure." Niall responded confusedly.
"Niall what's wrong?"
"Nothing....why would anything be wrong?"
"You just--" Niall interrupted me.
"It's Maya...I fancy her, but just like every other girl she's going after Harry!"
"Niall, that's not true! Loads of girls absolutely adore you."

Niall's POV

Liam put his hand on my shoulder,
"Yeah but not the ones I like!" Liam just doesn't understand; all the girls like Harry, I know he's my best friend, but it's just not fair...

"TACOS ARE READY!!" That was Harry now, I remembered Maya helped him make them...

Harry's POV

Maya and I went into the kitchen to make tacos.
"I love tacos!" Maya smiled.
"Me ! They are my favorite!" I said happily.
She smiled, that adorable smile of hers. It looked great on her, I loved her smile.
"Harry? Where is the taco meat?" she asked.
"I'll get the ingredients out, don't worry!" I smiled at her. I couldn't help but notice how pretty she was. It was really cute how she shyed away at things too. When I was getting out the salsa I turned around and spilled it all over her!
"Shit! Umm...sorry?" To my surprise, she just started cracking up. Like she couldn't stop laughing, it made me laugh too.  
"You did that on purpose!" she exclaimed.
"Now why would I do that?" I teased her.
"You better watch your back Styles! I'll get you for that!"
I laughed. We went back to making the tacos, she was even cuter when she was covered it salsa...god this girl! Then out of no where she grabbed the raw taco meat and threw it at me! She giggled and ran away.YEY!
"TACO WAR!" I yelled!
We were covered in taco ingredients throwing them everywhere. We eventually manged to actually make the tacos. Maya and I walked out.
"TACOS ARE READY!" I exclaimed.
When everyone saw us covered in taco ingredients they laughed.
"Anyone wanna a hug??"Maya teased.
"Come with me." I said to Maya. I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. I threw her one of my shirts.
"You can change in the bathroom." I said pointing at the bathroom door. She came out in my shirt that was way to big for her it looked better on her than it does on me.
"Let's go down!" she squealed. I took her hand and she followed me downstairs. All of a sudden in the middle of the stairs she stopped.
"Harry? Do you think, like...this shirt is a little bit short...well like it only goes about mid thigh and I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable."
"Maya you look fine, trust me." I said and we continued down the stairs.

Katherine's POV
Harry and Maya went off to cook and then Liam and Niall were talkig in the other room about who knows what. That leaves me sitting in a room with Louis and Zayn, in a very awkward silence...great.
"So, where are you and Maya from?"
"What?" I had been zoning out and was surprised by Zayn's question."Oh sorry, we're from the states."
"I kind of gathered that from your accents,"
"Well to us, You all have the accents, we talk normally." I said.
"Not when you're in England. Here, we speak normally." he replied.
"He's right," Louis added "what brings you to the UK?"
"School, we both are going to start college here in the Fall." I replied.
"Ahhh, where are you going?" Zayn asked.
"Cambridge." I aswered.
"TACOS ARE READY!!" someone yelled from
the kitchen.

Niall's POV

I saw Maya wearing Harry's shirt with taco sauce, lettuce, cheese and cream cheese in her hair. The funny part was she still looked extremely cute. I want her to be wearing my shirt...not Harry's. I'm so jealous they walked in the room hand in hand..she should be holding my hand not Harry's! I'm not mad at Harry I know it's not his fault I'm just jealous. Harry's shirt did look really good on her though. She was showing a lot of leg... It was weird...most girls here always wear jeans because it's  so cold. Whatever... I'm just going to eat my tacos.

Liam POV

Moments after Niall and I had come back out to the living room, Harry emerged(lolol it looks like ermagerd) from Harry's room hand in hand with Maya. I looked over at Niall to see how he was taking this.
Niall looked at them, his eyes full of sadness. He looked over at me with an empty expression, I mouthed "I'm so sorry."  toward him but he just looked away.

Harry's POV

"Harry do you think I can talk to you in the other room?" Liam asked me.
"Sure!" I responded happily. We went into the other room.
"What's up with you and Maya...and Katherine too?" Liam asked.
"Harry Ni--" I cut him off.
"Ok ok I like them...both." I said.
"Harry! You can't do that!"
"I'm sorry Liam...but I do." I said and then walked back to the living room.
I sat down next to Zayn and began to eat.

-after dinner-

Katherine's POV

"I guess we should go now because everyone else is leaving..." Maya said sadly.
"SHIT! We forgot to unpack our bed stuff! Where the hell are we going to sleep?!" I exclaimed.
"Umm... You could...umm...ermmm stay here?" Harry offered.
I looked over at Maya and she nodded excitedly.
"Ok." I said secretly extremely excited about spending more time with Harry. Maya on the other hand was obiviliously excited...she was terrible at hiding her emotions. She was jumping around all happy like a five year old. Harry and Louis both laughed at her, but i was used to it.
"Well someone's excited!" Louis laughed at her.
"How can you tell?" Maya asked innocently and confused.
"Did you really just ask that?" Harry questioned her.
She still looked confused. Wow, Harry's accent is really hot...I mean like it's really drawing me towards him...and he looks so hot in his tight shirt and skinny jeans. He's so....I can't even...I feel weird... I've never felt this way about a guy before...I really, really like him.
"Katherine?" Harry asked waking me from my day dream.
"Do you want a shirt or something to sleep in?"
Harry asked.
"Yeah sure, thanks." I was still thinking about him as he left to his room. He returned moments later with a black t-shirt in hand.
"Here ya go," He said and threw it in my direction. "The bathroom is just over there."
I thanked him and made my way down the hall.
The shirt he had given me was baggy on me and went to my mid-thigh. I considered keeping my sweat pants on, but then decided against it.

Maya's POV

I was so excited to stay with Harry and Louis... It makes me glad we don't finish unpacking. But it was kind of weird because Niall looked a little upset earlier and I hoped he was ok.
" guys can sleep....uhhh...." Harry said.
"We can share the couch." I offered.
"Are you sure? I don't want you guys to be uncomfortable..."
"We will be fine." Katherine smiled.
"Ok then, I'll go get you some blankets."
"Ok!" I said sweetly.
As soon as he walked away I decided I wanted to tell Katherine about how I kinda liked Harry.
"Katherine? I have something to tell you..." I said.
"I have something to tell you to."
"How about we both say it on three?"
"Ok, on 3. 1"
"I kinda like Harry!" we said at the same time.
"WHAT?!?!"I scream.
"Shhhhh.....You don't want Harry to hear us!" Katherine whispered.
"'s surprised me...but how can we both like Harry?"
"I mean we can both like him...but we can't let it get between us,ok?"
"Ok, we'll let Harry pick...just see who he is happier with, right?"
"Yeh, sounds fair."
"Ok" I said much less happily... I was rarely sad. Most things I just let go I hated being sad. My thoughts were interrupted by Harry.
"Maya?" he asked.
"What?...sorry I didn't hear you."
"it's ok I just asked if you want another blanket or pillow."
"Umm...can I have another blanket? I get cold easily."
"Yeah sure." he said handing me another blanket.

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