Maya and Katherine move to London to go to the uni. What happens when they get the flat next to Harry and Louis?


3. Maya wait...I can explain

-Next Morning-

Harry's POV

I woke up and today started like any other. I walked out in my boxers then, remembering we had company, I turned around to go put some clothes on, before I could I heard a scream.
"HARRY! Put some clothes on!" Katherine yelled.
"ummm....sorry?" I mumbled  
I went back into my room and threw on some sweats and a plain shirt. When I walked out I saw Katherine and Maya on the couch giggling.
"Nice one Haz!" Maya laughed
Oh great...Katherine told her...I was wondering why they were laughing.
"Yeah, well Katherine loved it, did she mention that?" I shot back playfully.
"No, actually she didn't." Maya said looking at Katherine.
I saw Katherine blush and look away. Maya couldn't stop giggling, it was cute.
Wow these girls were some of the few that still look perfect, right after they woke up.
"So breakfast?" I asked.
"Yes!" they both cheered.
I laughed and walked towards the kitchen, they followed me. Then Lou barged in obviously not remembering our company. He was only wearing his boxers.
"Umm...Lou? Wanna put some clothes on?" Maya laughed.
"Shit!Sorry?...but no not really." Louis responded.
"What your not gonna change?" Katherine asked.
"Nope. Sorry? It's my flat!" Louis replied.
We all started to crack up, while Lou just smiled and sat down at the table.
"Pancakes anyone?" I asked with a huge grin on my face.

Katherine’s POV

Harry served us all our stacks of pancakes while the rest of us talked. But I still couldn’t get over seeing Harry in his boxers. He had a perfect body...maybe he was right...I did enjoy it...not that I’m going to tell him that!
“Wow! Harry you’re actually a really good cook.” Maya complimented him.
“ had my cooking yesterday too...” he said confused.
“Yeah, but I helped sooooo much so it didn’t count.” Maya laughed.
"Never underestimate my cooking." he warned while pointing a spatula at her.
She laughed and held her hands up in surrender and mouthed the word sorry.
"So Katherine, enjoying the pancakes?" Louis asked.
"What? Oh, sorry," I was caught off guard. "They're delicious, thanks Harry." I finished
"Anytime." Harry answered with a smile.
" Ughh, we still have to unpack." Maya complained.
"Damnit, I forgot about that!" I said.
"Harry, do we have any plans for today?" Louis asked.
"Ermmm... no, not that I can think of. Why?"
"Cos Katherine and Maya still need to unpack so I figured we could help them."Louis said.
"Yeah, sounds good!" Harry replied.
"Thanks so much guys!" Maya said, obviously trying to contain her excitement.
We finished eating breakfast and then Maya and I went back to our flat to take showers and change clothes while the boys did the same in their flat. As soon as I came out of the shower I heard a knock on the door. Maya answered it and Niall, Liam, and Zayn were standing outside. I ran into a different room to go get changed.

Niall’s POV

“Hi!” Maya chirped.
“Hey.”I smiled.
“Umm...Where’s Harry and Lou?” She asked.
Oh great...she’s looking for Harry. Liam noticed my smile go away and answered for me.
“They’re still getting ready they’ll be here in a minute.” Liam answered her.
Right on cue, Harry and Louis entered and so did Katherine from her room.  
"Hi guys! Oh hey, uhhh...Harry, let me get the shirts that you let us borrow. Be right back!" Katherine said, and she ran into her room. She came back with two neatly folded shirts and handed them to Harry, he smiled and they walked into another room, to unpack those boxes.
“Niall, could you help me unpack my room?” Maya asked me.
My face lit up again, “Sure.” I said acting all calm.
“We'll keep unpacking here.” Zayn said. I saw Liam wink at me, I smiled at him and looked away. Maya grabbed my hand and led me to her room. Her hands looked so small and cute compared to mine. We entered and she let go of my hand.
“Maybe we can get mine and Katherine’s bed ready, so we don’t have to bother Harry and Lou, by staying again.” Maya said.
“Trust me, you weren’t a bother.” I laughed. I saw Maya’s smile grew, oh how I loved her smile.
“Well, I still wanna get it done, and with you helping me and Harry helping Katherine, it should be easy!” she chirped. She walked over to the dresser in her room and tried to grab a box from on top of it, she could reach, but ran over and got it for her anyway.
"Wow, you're such a gentleman Niall!" Maya said, smiling.
"Anytime," I replied with a grin. I handed her the box, which she put on the floor. We continued unloading boxing for about the next 10 minutes. Then I glanced over at her while she bent over to pick up a box. She looked over at me and laughed because she noticed I was staring at her ass.
“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” She teased.
“Oh...umm...sorry” I mumbled.
“It’s ok,” she smiled still laughing, “but could you help me with this box?”
“Yeh sure.” I said.
We moved the box into the corner and unpacked it.
“It’s soooo hot!” Maya complained, “I’m gonna change into some shorts!” she smiled.
She came out of the bathroom wearing denim short shorts, from Abercrombie and Fitch. I was stunned by how good she looked; I was staring at her. She giggled at me staring at her with my mouth open.
“Let’s take a break.” she said sitting on her bed.
“Ok.” I said standing there awkwardly. She patted the space next to her, signaling for me to sit down. I laid next to her and she laid her head on my chest. We sat there in silence for a few minutes. It was a good silence though, not one of those awkward ones that make everyone uncomfortable.
“Niall?” she asked, breaking the silence.
“Huh?” I mumbled into her hair.
“Well, as you probably know, considering you saw all my poster everywhere, I love one direction...” her voice trailing off.
“And?” I questioned.
“Well, what is it like? What are you like, not Niall Horan from one direction, just Niall?What do you like to do? What do--” I cut her off.
“Hold on! I want to get to know you too!” I exclaimed
"Well if you answer my questions, I'll answer yours." She said, smiling.
“ about we switch off? I ask a question then you ask one, ok?”
“Sure.” Maya smiled.
“So how old are you?”
“18. What are you scared of?”
And we went back and forth for a while.

Harry’s POV
"So this is your room then?" I asked after she had practically dragged me down the hall.
"Yup! Pretty boring isn't it?"
"No, not really. It's nice, I like it." I said.
"The frame is over here, can you help me set it up?" Katherine asked walking to the metal structure leaning against the wall.
"Yeah sure" I said and followed her over to the bed frame, stepping around the various boxes to get to her. We set up the frame and stepped back to admire our handiwork.
“Why don’t we unpack some of these boxes while we're at it, it’s kinda annoying how plain this room is.” Katherine said.
“Yeah, sure.” I replied.
We unpacked a bunch of boxes, but I was starting to get tired.
“Katherine? I know this is kind of look really pretty.” I said. It was kind of random, I mean I always thought it...I just never said anything. She laughed.
“Thanks Harry. You’re not so bad yourself.” She giggled.
I still couldn’t get over her laugh. It was so perfect...I’ve never heard a laugh anything like it.
“What?” she asked noticing I was staring at her.
“Your laugh...”
“I know, I’s weird.”
“No! It’s cute!” I told her. She blushed and looked away.
“Thanks.” she smiled.
I noticed her grabbing a box from on top of a shelf. The box looked heavy, I was just about to grab it for her, when she fell backwards on top of me. We both laughed. The box fell straight to the ground...I hope nothing important was in there. She got up off of me and walked over to the box. She knelt down next to it and looked through it. I walked over to her I was standing behind her, towering over her.
“Is anything broken?” I asked.
“No. It’s all good.” She reassured me with a smile.
I walked away and unpacked other boxes for a while. After we had unpacked most of the boxes, and rearranged the furniture, we only had to get the mattress. Obviously Katherine was thinking the same thing.
“I’m gonna go get the mattress.” Katherine said while leaving the room. I saw her coming back into the room, attempting to bring the mattress. It almost fell on top of her, but I managed to grab her and pull her out of the way. I had my arms around her, holding her close, her back facing me. She turned around to look at me, our lips just centimeters apart, my arms still holding her close.
“Ummm...Th-Thank you.” She stuttered.
“No problem.” I whispered. I started leaning in...I was gonna do it...I was gonna kis-- I was interrupted.
“Hey guys! Wanna watch--” Maya stopped.
“KATHERINE!” She screamed.
“Maya wait...I can explain.” Katherine said as Maya ran out of the room crying.

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