Maya and Katherine move to London to go to the uni. What happens when they get the flat next to Harry and Louis?


5. Apology

Harry’s POV

I didn’t know what to do. Katherine just stormed out, Maya looked like she was about to cry again and all the boys looked disappointed with me... except for Niall, he looked angry... like I hurt his baby, or something.
“Maya, I’m really sorry...but--” she cut me off.
“Harry, you know what?!? Just save it! I know what you’re going to say! You guys say nothing happened, but that’s kinda hard to believe, because I saw you!”
“Maya, what you saw wasn’t a kiss, I swear we didn’t kiss!” I said annoyed.
“You know what Harry? It’s really none of my business who you kiss, or who you claim you didn’t kiss. So If someone could go get Katherine... I want to just tell her I’m sorry... if you guys want to french right in front of me, be my’s not my decision.” Maya said.
“Maya we didn’t make out, or even kiss, but I you’re definitely forgiven...if you can forgive me? I’ll go get Katherine.” I said.
“You're forgiven.” she tried to smile.
I went to get Katherine. I told her that Maya apologized to me and wanted to do the same to her. She agreed to come with me, when we re entered the living room, it was silent.
“Katherine? I’m’s none of my business who you kiss, or almost kiss, or whatever happened. It just kinda... nevermind...I’m really sorry.” Maya said with her cute little eyes, big like a puppies.
“It’s ok. I know you were just upset. So are we ok?” Katherine asked.
“Yep.” Maya smiled.
Everything was better. I still think Maya was a little upset, but if she says she’s over am I. We ended up watching a movie, like we planned before this whole thing blew up. Niall and Maya sat together on the floor, while Katherine and I shared the love seat. Liam, Louis and Zayn sat on the couch. Even though it was kind of early, Maya fell asleep on Niall’s lap. She did warn us, not to let her lay on our laps, because she always falls asleep when she does that. I guess she wasn’t kidding when she said that. At first it was kind of awkward with Katherine and I, because of the whole almost kiss thing, but then we went back to normal. She laid her head on my lap, and I played with her hair. Everything was much better now...almost perfect. Except for the fact I still like both Maya and Katherine...and I think they like me too considering, if she didn’t like me, why would she make such a big deal out of this whole almost kiss thing?

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