Maya and Katherine move to London to go to the uni. What happens when they get the flat next to Harry and Louis?


1. Moving In

Maya’s POV

"Ugh, theres so many boxes, can't we just do this tomorrow?" Katherine complained.
"No, we have to get at least some of this done.” Maya answered. The flat was very nice it was pretty big with plain white walls. I feel like no one lives here though because we haven’t--extremely loud music interrupted my  thoughts. Well I guess someone does live here.
“God thats so loud!” Katherine whined empathising the word loud.
“SHUT UP!” I yelled banging on the wall. No luck...whatever we can just ignore it. “So where can I hand my 1D posters?” I asked. I loved them! But Katherine...not so much.
“ If you HAVE to hang them do it in your room!” Katherine replied.  "Im going over there to ask them to shut up, you coming?" she said on her way to the door.
"Sure," I sighed and made my way toward her.
Katherine knocked on our neighbor's door. No reply. After an exasperated sigh, she knocked again, more forcefully this time. Still no answer.

Harry’s POV

I heard a knock on the door. 'Who could it be?' All the boys were here with me and no one else was supposed to be here...
I opened it to see two girls, one girl looked completely pissed. She had medium length dark brown hair with natural highlights, which perfectly complemented her radiant eyes.
The other girl looked away kind of shyly, she had short dark brown hair with light brown highlights; her hair was wavy it fell perfectly down her shoulders. She wore pink hollister sweatpants and a cute black tank that matched her tan complexion nicely.
The other girl wore light blue UCLA sweatpants, a Nike t-shirt and Adidas slides. “Can you turn your damn music down?!” demanded the Nike shirted one
“Katherine, that was a little harsh.” said the other girl.
So i guess the Nike shirted ones name was Katherine.
The other girl still hadn’t looked up at me.
“Ummm...well ohhh...uh...sorry bout that," I muttered “Are you girls new here, I umm...haven’t seen you before?"
“Yes, we are.” responded the girl, who wore the pink sweats.
She finally looked up at me, and a huge smile grew upon her face. I guess she’s a fan....
"Y-your H-harry Styles." She stuttered
“Yes, yes I am.” I laughed.
“Isn’t he your favorite from that boy direction you’re in love with?” Katherine questioned.
“Shut up!” The girl in the pink sweats managed to get out.
She looked extremely embrassed, her cheeks were bright pink and she was looking anywhere, but at me.
"Oh! this in Maya and I'm Katherine, Maya loves you" she said, a grin forming on her face as she spoke.
“KATHERINE!” Maya shrieked.
Turning an even brighter shade of red. She was cute when she blushed. Katherine grinned even more and started laughing, obviously enjoying this.
“Do you guys want to come in and meet the rest of the boys?” I asked hopefully.
“YES!” Maya said, maybe a little too excited  “Umm...sorry...I’m just a really big fan.”
Maya said looking down at ground.
“It’s okay, love.” I smiled at her...
“What happened to we need to unpack?!?” Katherine questioned.
“Ummm....well...we could...uh....use a break?” Maya replied with a smile.
“Actually, if you want...we could you girls unpack?” I offered.
“That would be great!” Maya exclaimed.
Katherine still didn’t look that interested...she must not like One Direction that much.
“I’ll get the boys!” I said I exclaimed.
As I walked over to gather up all they boys I couldn’t help but the about how pretty Katherine was. But Maya was also very cute...What if i fall for both of them?! I liked how Katherine was really in control, like she took charge and wasn’t shy at all, but it was cute the way Maya shyed away at things. I don’t know what I’m getting myself into...liking two girls at once.

Maya’s POV

As we walked back to our room I remember how I had cover the flat with 1D poster...oh god...this is going to be embarrassing. We walked into the room and all the boys fell over laughing. I was so embarrassed, but i couldn’t help but laugh too.

Niall’s POV

“So, who’s your favorite?” Louis teased her.
I couldn’t help but notice how adorable she was, I just wanted to run up to her and hug her.
“Ummm.....” she said
“HARRY!” Katherine blurted out.
Of course it was Harry, I mean I don’t like very many girls. I wanted my princess, but everyone goes for Harry. Those curls...they’re like a super power! It’s not fair... its like everytime I like a girl he’s here to take her away, but he's still my best friend. I was awoken from my thoughts abruptly.
"Niall! C'mon!" Liam shouted. I rushed into the hallway and then to the living room where everyone was busy opening boxes. I decided to take this opportunity to approach her.
"Hi, I'm Niall. And you are..."
She seemed kind of surprised, luckily that made her blush and she was even cuter when she blushes.
"I'm Maya, and that' Katherine over there." She pointed to the other girl who was also unpacking. At the sound of her name Katherine looked up; I waved at her and said hello, did the same then went back to unpacking.
"So what can I help with?" I asked, partially wanting to help, but also just wanting to hear her voice again.
"Ermm...there are a few boxes over there marked 'living room', can you please start unpacking them? you can put the stuff there-" she pointed toward the far right corner of the room, "and the packing materials there." she then pointed to the closer right corner.
"Yeah sure, where are the scissors?" I asked.
"Ahhhh...I don’t think we have anymore..." she said apologetically, scanning the room.
"Thats fine, I'll get some from Harry's flat." I said.
"Okay!" she said cheerfully and began to work again.

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